Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Immolation — Acts of God 2022 Tour @ The Blind Tiger (SHOW REVIEW)

What’s going on, Butcher Crew?! It’s The Saw (you already knew that), and I went to two kickass shows this past weekend. I got to see Cannibal Corpse and Whitechapel on Feb. 19th, and on Feb. 20th, I got to see Immolation, Imperial Triumphant, and Mortiferum!

This show was fantastic! I haven’t been to back-to-back shows in a hot minute, but I’m happy these two shows were my first for 2022. Ironically, the Immolation show was quite relaxing! The Blind Tiger sets up chairs and tables at shows when there aren’t as many people attending. I’m surprised more people didn’t show up for the show. There were probably about 50 people there in total. As soon as I could find a seat, I took it! My back and feet were killing me — I’m getting old…

But anyway, this show was amazing! I was happy there weren’t as many people there because I didn’t want to be packed in the venue like a herd of cattle. I was able to enjoy the soothing sounds of death metal while sipping on a liquid marijuana. If you haven’t tried that drink, now is your sign to try one.

Mortiferum was the first band to hit the stage, and I was really impressed by them. Surprisingly, I had never heard of them before, and I’m so mad at myself! They are so good! They remind me of an old-school ‘90s death metal band, and their sound and stage presences fit my analysis. I couldn’t see the band member’s faces the entire set because they either had their hair in front of their faces the whole time, or they were headbanging. Either way, I loved it. The crowd loved them, too. No mosh pits broke out during the show, but everyone just stood there and headbanged — it was awesome. Mortiferum has a doom aspect to their music. I felt like I should’ve been in the woods, surrounded by fog, while listening to them.

Imperial Triumphant is another band that I never heard of until this show. Although they aren’t a band I would listen to on a daily basis; I will see them again anytime. What. A. Show. Each band member wore black cloaks and gold masks, each with a different style. They had fog machines going during their set, and it really gave them an eerie vibe. I believe they were doing some sort of ritual, and I was correct. They had a bottle, which I’m assuming was filled with water, and they poured it into the mouths of the crowd. I don’t know who they were sacrificing us to, and I’m not sure I want to know. Their bass player was funny to watch. He would roll around on the ground while playing, and he even walked into the crowd several times. This band really knows what they’re doing, and they are awesome musicians. Seeing Imperial Triumphant was an experience.

And next to the stage was Immolation. This tour showcased their new album, Acts of God, and it sounded like I was listening to their record while they were on stage. They are so talented! The four guys headbanged the entire time in true old-school fashion, and the crowd loved it! It’s crazy that this band has been around for years and is still beating people with their songs. I was jealous of their lead singer because his hair goes down to his knees. He has longer hair than me, and it’s not fair!

Overall, this show was awesome, and the people who didn’t go to the show missed out on some great death metal. What a fun metal show weekend! Hopefully, I’ll be more prepared when I have back-to-back shows again.

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