Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Miss May I — Unconquered (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

What’s going on, Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, and I would like to announce that the boys are back in town. You heard it here, Miss May I dropped a new single on March 10th titled “Unconquered” via Sharptone. In my Band of the Week scrawl, I mentioned that Miss May I was one of my first favorite bands. They are still one of my favorites and I’m so happy they are making music again!

The last album Miss May I released was Shadows Inside (2017). We haven’t heard anything from them in the past 5 years! But the wait is finally over! With the release of their new single, Miss May I also announced that they would be coming out with an album soon.

This song has an uplifting message of finding yourself while in a dark place. It talks about how you’re the only one who can save yourself and win the battle. It speaks on the pressures that people may be going through and how to them it feels like their world is ending. But with some fight, you can win your internal struggles.

I think this song speaks to the last 2 years most of us have had and how many people were struggling with the things going on around them. But instead of letting your thoughts, fears, and ideologies get the best of you, you fight until you’re the last one standing — you never give up. 

The music video speaks on this point. It shows a man who is struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction. He’s miserable until one day he decides to walk away from it. It’s a beautiful message. It gives us a feeling that we’re not alone and that all of us are struggling. This is a song that has a message we can all relate to.

The musical components in this song are awesome. It’s melodic with a hint of technicality. The song is very uplifting and empowering — which is ironic for metal, right? But Miss May I makes positive metal songs cool and heavy!!

You all know how I feel about modern metalcore, but Miss May I are carrying the torch of the genre, and they have executed a perfect blend of modern metalcore with the old school. I’m so proud of this band and what they’ve accomplished. After 5 years and they are still kicking ass. I love to see it.

Stay Metal,