The House of Horrors

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop!
I am your host – your Master Butcher – The Saw.

me thrash

Photo by Kevin La Chiana

The Friday night show (The House of Horrors) at 6pm, is dissected into nine slabs:

  • Diamond Cuts (Metalcore) – The Saw’s favorite bone cutting saw.
  • Death Row Cell Block (Old Skool Death/Thrash) – For my homies in the Big House.
  •  Slot Drain (Random Butchers) – Random metal songs that don’t fit a category.
  • Choice Cuts (Random Hacks)- The Saw’s favorite songs of the week.
  • Bone Cruncher (Local Metal Bands) – The Saw’s Local Butchers.
  • Torture Rack (Heavy Metal) – Turn the Crank!!!!  Stretched for maximum brutality.
  • The Meat Grinder (Hardcore) – The Saw grinds you into hamburger.
  • The Chopping Block (Death Metal) – The Saw chops the bodies.
  • The Meat Locker (Deathcore) – The Saw hangs the remains of you.

To catch a beating, get the RadioFX App and search for WKNC. Or listen online at WKNC by clicking HERE!

me sugar skull

Photo by Westyn’s Wings Photography