Local Butchers

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop!
I am your host – your Master Butcher – The Saw.
And welcome back to The Bone Cruncher (Local bands from NC, GA, SC, and VA). 

me downtown


The Local Butchers that The Saw has crushed into dust, and knows personally. If you want to be pounded into dust, find The Saw at a show and say “Hi,” and introduce yourself!!

From the Raleigh Area:

  • Constellation Atlas 
  • Unicron 
  • Discoveries 
  • Fear the Indifference 
  • I, Telos 
  • Abandon the Broken 
  • Dear Desolate 
  • Krosis 
  • Infirma 
  • Seeking Solace 
  • Continuations 

From the Greensboro Area:

  • MESS
  • From Wrath to Ruins 
  • False Prophet 
  • HEFT 
  • The Stygian Complex
  • Sideline

From the Charlotte Area:

  • East Viridian 
  • Winter’s Gate
  • Arborlea
  • Violent Life Violent Death 
  • Oculum Dei 
  • Curiosity Kills 

Not from Raleigh, Greensboro, or Charlotte (sorry, The Saw is a categorical thinker):

  • from Statesville, Nuclear Desolation
  • from Boone, As Oceans 
  • from Boone, Basilica 
  • from Asheville, Fractured Frames 
  • from Western Carolina, Sold Soul 
  • from VA, NC, and GA, God of Nothing 
  • from Columbia SC, Descent 
  • from Virginia Beach VA, Split Wrist
  • from Fayetteville, Gautama 
  • from Vass, Live For What Lasts 


me on stage

I emceed at North Carolina’s State Fair and had the honor of introducing Raleigh’s own, Between the Buried and Me.
Photo by Kevin La Chiana