Local Butchers

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop!
I am your host – your Master Butcher – The Saw.
And welcome back to The Bone Cruncher (Local bands from NC, GA, SC, and VA). 

the saw red

* Photo by Courtney Breen

The Local Butchers that The Saw has crushed into dust, and knows personally. If you want to be pounded into dust, find The Saw at a show and say “Hi,” and introduce yourself!!

From the Raleigh Area:

  • Constellation Atlas 
  • Unicron 
  • Discoveries 
  • Fear the Indifference 
  • I, Telos 
  • Abandon the Broken 
  • Dear Desolate 
  • Krosis 
  • Infirma 
  • Seeking Solace 
  • Continuations 

From the Greensboro Area:

  • MESS
  • From Wrath to Ruins 
  • False Prophet 
  • HEFT 
  • The Stygian Complex
  • Sideline

From the Charlotte Area:

  • East Viridian 
  • Winter’s Gate
  • Arborlea
  • Violent Life Violent Death 
  • Oculum Dei 
  • Curiosity Kills 

Not from Raleigh, Greensboro, or Charlotte (sorry, The Saw is a categorical thinker):

  • from Statesville, Nuclear Desolation
  • from Boone, As Oceans 
  • from Boone, Basilica 
  • from Asheville, Fractured Frames 
  • from Western Carolina, Sold Soul 
  • from VA, NC, and GA, God of Nothing 
  • from Columbia SC, Descent 
  • from Virginia Beach VA, Split Wrist
  • from Fayetteville, Gautama 
  • from Vass, Live For What Lasts 

me on stage

I emceed at North Carolina’s State Fair and had the honor of introducing Raleigh’s own, Between the Buried and Me.
Photo by Kevin La Chiana