Saving the world one moshpit at a time.

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  • Twitter: TheRealDJSaw
  • Instagram: therealdjsaw
  • History major at North Carolina State University
  • Chainsaw DJ for WKNC 88.1 Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Chainsaw Rock Music Director for WKNC
  • Metal Enthusiast

If you want to listen to my set live, listen online at WKNC. Click on “MP3” in the “High Quality” section! Or get the RadioFX app and search for WKNC!

Set times for The Saw’s Butcher Shop:

Mondays: The Bone Cruncher (local NC metal bands) noon-1pm.

Fridays: The House of Horrors (heaviest metal on the planet) 10pm-midnight.

Come hang out with your Master Butcher, The Saw!

Me at Metallica

Metal isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. I was raised on metal, been rocking out since I was in the womb. At 2 years old I religiously listened to “Crush ‘Em” by Megadeth. At 3 years old, I choreographed Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl.” I made my dad play Van Halen’s “Little Dreamer” on the way to kindergarten.  I went to my first metal show when I was in first grade – Oxygen Thieves. I met Corpsegrinder, the lead singer for Cannibal Corpse, at 9 years old. And yes, his neck is that big in person. At 10, I received a laminated backstage pass for Amon Amarth because I was standing on a chair, windmilling, in front of the sound booth. Also at that age, I met Chimaira and I made them all smile. Since that foundation, I have met TONS more bands!!! Check out my photos, and see if your favorites are there.

Fun Fact: I rate horror movies based on their gore factor.

And while you’re checking things out, check out my album reviews, blog posts, and show reviews! Keep checking for updates (don’t worry, I post a lot).