Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: The House of Horrors — HEAVY BREAKDOWN

Photo by Courtney Breen // on Instagram

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop. I am often asked about the different segments of my show, the categories and titles, and how I keep my torture devices ordered so as to issue beatings and stack bodies. Today we’ll take a look inside The House of Horrors. So, since your restraints are tightened, keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times (or they’ll be removed), and hold tight – it’s going to be a long and painful ride. How exciting!

The Saw’s Butcher Shop

As you know, The Saw is a categorical thinker. And I understand that the way my mind works sometimes confuses you, The Butcher Crew. A few years ago, I was emceeing a local METAL show, and one of the musicians introduced me to his friend as, “Your Master Butcher, Your Girl, The Saw; host of The Saw’s Butcher Shop, or The House of Horrors, or The Bone Cruncher.” He said that he wasn’t sure which (if any) were correct. They are ALL correct! But there is order in the chaos.

The Saw’s Butcher Shop is the entire operation. It is everything, under one heading, that Your Girl, The Saw, is doing. The Butcher Shop contains ALL of my torture devices:

  • The Scrawls are the various things that The Saw writes (also in categories) – New Album Reviews, Classic Album Reviews, Single Reviews, Show Reviews, Heavy Breakdowns, “Story Time with The Saw,” and other scratches.
  • Sometimes The Saw packs-up The Meat Wagon and takes it on the road. On location (at a show) I’ll interview artists/bands, have a photographer take pics, talk to folks in the crowd, talk to the Local Butchers, and/or just blend into the shadows and absorb the scene. There are Scrawls recorded of these events.
  • Sometimes The Saw conducts audio and/or video “sit-down” interviews or phone interviews, with artists/bands, and you can sample these in The Saw’s Electric Chair.
  • There are times that Your Master Butcher MCs a show, but often I am just a fixture in the scene, in an unofficial capacity. Even getting tattooed by Local Butchers!
  • The Saw also interacts on many different social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter.
  • The Saw’s Butcher Shop is also your place to ensure that you have THE HEAVIEST METAL ON THE PLANET with Tools of the Trade – The official playlists of The Saw’s Butcher Shop.
  • And the radio show, exclusively on Overkill Radio, is The House of Horrors.

The House of Horrors

Sunday nights, 6:00pm – 8:00pm (Eastern), only on Overkill Radio, The Saw’s Butcher Shop presents: The House of Horrors. Let me say that another way: The House of Horrors is the radio show IN The Saw’s Butcher Shop, on Overkill Radio. Everything The Saw (officially) does is The Butcher Shop. But categorically, The House of Horrors is the Ten Killing Floors; the different segments of Metal genres played live, on-air.

  1. Diamond Cuts (Metalcore) – The Saw’s preferred bone cutting tool
  2. Death Row Cell Block (Old School Thrash/Death/Black Metal) – “for my homies in the big house”
  3. Slot Drain (Slam) – Where I rinse away the waste, left from the heaviest Metal on the planet
  4. Choice Cuts (Random Hacks) – The Saw’s favorite slices of fresh Grade-A Metal
  5. Bone Cruncher (Local Bands) – Featuring The Saw’s Local Butchers
  6. Torture Rack (Heavy Metal) – Stretched for Maximum brutality! Turn. The. Crank!!
  7. The Meat Grinder (Hardcore) – The Saw grinds you into ground beef
  8. The Chopping Block (Death Metal) – The Saw chops the bodies for stacking
  9. The Place of Mourning (Black Metal) – The dread and agony, awaiting your turn
  10. The Meat Locker (Deathcore) – The Saw hangs the remains of you. There is no escape.

The show – The House of Horrors – gets progressively HEAVIER as it spirals through the controlled chaos. Think of it as a meat tenderizer, conditioning, over time, in preparation for the slaughter!

What I discovered while conducting the butchery on college radio is that a three-hour show containing THE HEAVIEST METAL ON THE PLANET is too much for most to bear; the beatings are simply too severe. Alas, the long and painful ride is perfected in two hours on Overkill Radio.

Torture. Terror. Brutality. Beatings. A flash of the blade… The moans and groans of agony… Chop. Hack. Gurgle. Stack. Hanging from a meat hook, begging to be six-feet deep. The House of Horrors. I love it!

Stay Metal,