Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Touring the Saw’s Butcher Shop — Diamond Cuts

What’s up, Butcher Crew? It’s ya girl, your Master Butcher, The Saw. And our complimentary guided tour of The Saw’s Butcher Shop continues today. We began this process by investigating the history of The Saw’s Butcher Shop. Next, we toured The House of Horrors, the official radio show of The Saw’s Butcher Shop. Today, we get up-close and personal with the segment, Diamond Cuts.

The diamond-cut saw blade is ya girl’s favorite bone cutting tool. It’s sharp, always strong, and cuts through flesh and bone like butter. The Diamond Cuts segment is The House of Horrors’ Metalcore category. When I was just a little Baby Saw, my dad (the O.G.) listened to Death Metal, and my mom (Buzz-Saw) listened to Heavy Metal/Nu-Metal. But my brothers’, they listened to something that spoke much more clearly to me – Metalcore.

Up until my transformation, I listened to, usually, your Disney singers, The Jonas Brothers, and the like. Music has always played a HUGE role in my life. My parents’ music interested me – like Megadeth or Van Halen, and the terrifying sound of Obituary – but other than a few exceptions, it hadn’t, yet, spoke to me. My brothers’ band piqued my interest, and they even let me come in and “sing” (scream/gutteral) for them! I remember singing The Pursuit Of Vikings by Amon Amarth. It was fun! And then I would go back into my room and listen to my music again.

When I was a young, teen-aged Saw, I went to my first Carolina Rebellion with my mom in 2014. In the beginning, it wasn’t so-much the music, but the social experience that spoke to me. Yet, the glue that holds together that society is the music. I loved the sense and feel of the crowd! The oneness of the Metal community – the inclusiveness, and individuality of everyone – was eye-opening. In this setting, the music, specifically Metalcore, spoke very clearly to me. And I was in love with a scene.

In essence, I transformed, right then and there, at that first Carolina Rebellion that I attended. I entered the scene as one expression of myself, and changed to the foundation of who The Saw has come to be, today. So, the Diamond Cuts segment encapsulates my entrance into the Metal community. While your Master Butcher has continued to evolve – I find Death Metal to be that which satisfies, now – I pay tribute to the bands that formed my love for ALL Metal.

And my favorite bone cutting saw, in musical form (Metalcore), is an excellent meat tenderizer for the horror and terror that is to come in The House of Horrors! Metalcore contains the riffs that Metal is famously known for (the riffs that The Saw loves!). You already know that 2000s Metalcore will always be awesome to me, but many of those bands (and some new ones) are still handing-out the beatings, and you know that ya girl loves to hand-out beatings! Diamond Cuts, in The House of Horrors, is your introduction to pain; the pleasure of pain, and the slaughter prevails! How wonderful!

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Stay Metal,