Storytime with The Saw

This is a new series that I have created so I can write about my show experiences. I have been to a lot of shows in my lifetime and I have some great stories from many of them. My life is nothing but ordinary, so we all know that the stories I have are pure entertainment. So, sit back, relax, listen to some metal, and enjoy reading about the random stuff that occurs to me at shows.

Trees Aren’t The Saw’s Friends 

We are gonna throw it back to the summer when me and one of my good friends, Nate, road tripped to Virginia to see Dying Fetus, Slaughter To Prevail, Oceano, and Betraying The Martyrs. These were some of the bands that were on Summer Slaughter and Nate and I wanted to see Slaughter To Prevail (dude, they are REALLY good. Check them out). Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see them because there was a mishap with their visas (they are from Russia). We saw Betraying The Martyrs 2 weeks prior to this show when they were on tour with Volumes and Born of Osiris. I met the singer and the guitarist at that show. The guitarist also gave me a guitar pick, he is a real homie. I love those little French guys. I found my love/obsession for Dying Fetus during this show BECAUSE THEY KILLED IT!!! I was so shook when I saw them live. It was great, if you haven’t seen Dying Fetus, you seriously need to.

Guitarist for Betraying the Martrys

Baptise Vigier (Guitarist) for Betraying the Martyrs

betraying the martrys

Aaron Matts (Lead singer) for Betraying the Martyrs


Anyway, Nate and I get to Richmond 3 hours early (we like to get their early so we can be in the front for the shows… dedication or obsessive compulsion?). It was really hot and we decided to go to the gas station that was a block away to use the restrooms and get some waters. Well, on the way to the gas station, we saw the singer for Betraying The Martyrs, Aaron Matts, and I looked at Nate and said, “Dude, let’s talk to Aaron.” So, we are walking down the sidewalk, approaching Aaron, AND MY HAIR GETS STUCK IN A TREE LIMB!!!! Now, my hair is really long and it literally gets stuck to everything. On seatbelts, in windows, and my door, etc. I shouldn’t be surprised that my hair got stuck in the tree. I continue to walk until I am pulled back by my hair and Nate doesn’t notice. I call his name and he comes back but he didn’t help me because he didn’t want to mess up my hair (lol I understand). So, here I am… fighting a tree limb, while Aaron is about to walk by us. I start to panic and I literally yank the limb off the tree and free my hair from it. When I yanked the tree limb down to the ground, I felt like I was in WWE or something because I felt like I RKO’d the hell out of that tree limb (RIP the tree limb, you will not be missed). As I do this, Nate is laughing at me and we are face-to-face with Aaron. I casually say, “did you see that?” And he responds with a laugh and says, “yeah, I did.” I then get bright red and say, “oh, word.” And continue to walk to the gas station with Nate. Just my luck, right?

After Betraying The Martyrs’ set, I went over and met the keyboardist and then ran into Aaron again (but this time my hair wasn’t stuck on anything). He noticed me from the crowd and saw me jamming the entire time. And he also noticed me from the last time I saw the band in Charlotte! We did not discuss the incident that happened only hours before the show. Therefore, I have no idea if he knows me as the chick who got her hair stuck in the tree. I would like to keep it that way.


BTM Keyboard

Victor Gullet (Keyboardist & Clean Vocals) for Betraying the Martyrs


Singer for Betraying the Martyrs again

Aaron Matts (Lead singer) for Betraying the Martyrs