Band of the Week: Six Feet Under

six feet under band 2019

If you know me, then you know I love me some Six Feet Under. I post their songs on my Instagram story often, and I am almost always playing them in my car or through my headphones, and of course, in The Butcher Shop. I love the slow, groovy riffs and the absolute power of Chris Barnes. Their overall sound is how I would describe my favorite type of death metal. I would also argue that I am just a fan of Chris Barnes because I love his voice and I am a big fan of all of his side projects (especially Torture Killer). With Cannibal Corpse, his lyrics were unintelligible but to the trained ear. As their records grew in number, Barnes’ voice became clearer and, believe it or not, darker and deeper. By the time he formed Six Feet Under, his thunderous rumbles and gurgles were recognizable anywhere. One thing that has not changed, however, is the brutality of his lyrics. Brutality with clarity, that just about sums up this band!

I have never seen Six Feet Under, or any of Chris Barnes’ other bands. That is one thing I would love to do; I would lose my absolute shit. “O.G. Metalhead” (aka, my dad) met Barnes at the Six Feet Under show at the Raleighwood back in `95. He said of the show, “there was no light show, no stage props, no smoke machines, or anything. SFU took the stage, everyone started headbanging, Chris started his roaring, and the band ripped through their set. It was awesome!!”

Six Feet Under was actually a side project for Barnes to begin with. The band formed in 1993 with five members: Chris Barnes, Ray Suhy, Jack Owen, Jeff Hughell, and Marco Pitruzzella. It soon became a full-time commitment for Barnes when he was dismissed from Cannibal Corpse in 1995. There has been many line-up changes (even the late Obituary guitarist, Allen West was in the band for a while) but they have released 23 albums: Haunted (1995), Alive and Dead (1996), Warpath (1997), Maximum Violence (1999), Graveyard Classics (2000), True Carnage (2001), Double Dead (2003), Bringer of Blood (2003), Live With Full Force (2004), Graveyard Classics 2 (2004), A Decade in the Grave (2005),13 (2005), Commandment (2007), Death Rituals (2008), Graveyard Classics 3 (2010), Wake The Night (2011), Undead (2012), Unborn (2013), Crypt of the Devil (2015), Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest (2016), The Best of Six Feet Under (2016), Torment (2017), and Unburied (2018). A lot of albums, right? Pure masterpieces. They have become the fourth best-selling death metal act in the U.S.

I would definitely recommend any of the Graveyard Classics because they are all covers of other songs and they are AWESOME!!! They put their own spin on the songs without taking away the the authenticity of the original. Beautiful!!!  I would recommend songs TNT, Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, and War Machine.


Favorite Songs: Seed of Filth, The Poison Hand, Insect, My Hatred, and Burning Blood.


What are some of your favorite Six Feet Under Songs?


Stay Metal,