Live Show Blues

It’s been 3 months without going to a live show and honestly… I don’t know how I am still sane. I am usually at a show twice a week so this new “normal” of no live shows for a while has not been a good time. I miss my friends and I miss seeing bands. I miss the energy a live show gives off and the atmosphere that a venue has when the crowd is as into the music as the bands are. 

Not only is this a hard time for fans, but also for bands/artists, venues, and booking companies. Every show I had planned this summer is now cancelled and it is very discouraging to see. A lot of people make a living and have a career in music so this time is very difficult for them but also everyone else. 

I believe that live music brings different people together because they all have a bond and a connection to the music. I have had some great social experiments and people watching at shows. I miss seeing a wide a variety of people and feeling the energy of the crowd during a breakdown. 

Now bands are still releasing music which I am thankful for and some bands are doing virtual shows. I think this is very inventive and works during the time that we are in. But nothing will ever compare to actually being at a show. I have watched some virtual shows, but I tend to watch live sets on YouTube of my favorite bands. I will have dance parties alone in my room and I would just act like I am at a show. This is honestly one of my favorite things to do. 

Here are some bands that I miss seeing live: 

  • Upon A Burning Body 
  • Miss May I 
  • Knocked Loose 
  • Kublai Khan
  • Boundaries
  • Dying Fetus 
  • Obituary 
  • Whitechapel
  • As I Lay Dying 
  • Parkway Drive 
  • Creeping Death 
  • Burning Hammer 
  • Jungle Rot 
  • Wage War 
  • And all of my Local Butchers 

What bands do you miss seeing live? 

Stay Metal