Shut Up and Hand Me the Aux

With being a DJ, I get very excited when my friends hand me the aux chord. I love creating playlists and setting the vibe for a car ride. I usually let my friends have aux because I like listening to new music that I could find because of my friends. But when I get handed that aux… you know it’s on! 

Below are the top 10 songs that I play depending on who I am with, the vibes I’m feeling, and something that will make my car ride not feel so long. When I am with my friends who listen to metal, I tend to play more metal songs. Majority of my friends do not listen to metal so it’s a good thing The Saw is diverse in all kinds of music!! I know when I have aux that I can play anything that I want, but I like for everyone in my car to enjoy what they are listening to. It’s the DJ in me! 

Metal Up Your Ass:

  1. High Hopes – Kublai Khan
  2. Grotesque Impalement – Dying Fetus 
  3. Nail in the Coffin – Bent Life 
  4. Nothing Left – As I Lay Dying 
  5. Brimstone – Whitechapel 
  6. No Other Way – Boundaries 
  7. Black Pill – Ingested
  8. Evisceration Plague – Cannibal Corpse 
  9. Sire of Sin – Cryptoposy 
  10.  Burning Blood – Six Feet Under 

Dumb Bitch Hours 

  1. He Say She Say – Mulatto 
  2. 15th and the 1st – Gucci Mane 
  3. Cap A Lot – Fredo Bang 
  4. Wood Worm – Noel 
  5. Cabin Fever – Wiz Khalifa 
  6. How U Luv Dat – Young Dolph 
  7. Suge – Dababy 
  8. Boogie – Brockhampton 
  9. 1800 – Snoop Dogg
  10.  A Lot – Isaiah Rashaad


  1. Bootsy Bellows – Wiz Khalifa
  2. Special Affair – The Internet
  3. Amphetamine – Smino 
  4. Why Worry – Isaiah Rashaad
  5. Rules – Doja Cat 
  6. Diamond & Gold – Mac Miller 
  7. South Beach – Ty Dolla $ign 
  8. Murder To The Mind – Tash Sultana 
  9. Egyptian Joint – Young Bull 
  10. Gosha – $not

What is in your aux playlist?

Stay Metal,