Pantera: Revolver Special Collector’s Edition

What’s going on Butcher Crew?! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, and today we will be talking about one of the greatest bands to ever preform and create music; Pantera!! Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Pantera was a force to be reckoned with. They created heavy and powerful music that was not popular during the time they were on the scene. Pantera is the band that got a lot of people into the heavier realms of metal music. This band has opened the door for countless bands that are now around today. So many bands have been influenced by Pantera, whether that be their riffs, hardcore vocals, or their overall brutality. 

Revolver released limited edition vinyl pressings of some of Pantera’s records, and I was able to pick up two of theml! There were only 2,000 copies of each record and I got number 1,142 of “Cowboys from Hell” and number 656 of “Vulgar Display of Power.” These are the two best records that Pantera has released and I am fortunate enough to have these two on vinyl. 

A book came with both of the vinyl’s that is a Revolver special collector’s edition that goes through the history of the band, along with their top 25 Pantera song countdown, and also an interview with the band about one of their most popular records, “Vulgar Display of Power.” It was a great read and very informative. I wanted to share with you Revolvers picks for Pantera’s 25 greatest songs because for the most part, I agree with their rankings. This list was written and created by Jeff Kitts on behalf of Revolver. I will be listing the number the song is ranked, the name of the song, and what album the song is from; in that order. 

25. Goddamn Electric – Reinventing the Steel 

24. Floods – The Great Southern Trendkill 

23. Rise – Vulgar Display of Power

22. It Makes Them Disappear – Reinventing the Steel 

21. Shedding Skin – Far Beyond Driven 

20. War Nerve – The Great Southern Trendkill 

19. 25 Years – Far Beyond Driven 

18. Strength Beyond Strength – Far Beyond Driven 

17. Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit – Reinventing the Steel 

16. Shattered – Cowboys From Hell 

15. I’m Broken – Far Beyond Driven 

14. Mouth For War – Vulgar Display of Power 

13. The Art of Shredding – Cowboys from Hell 

12. Domination – Cowboys from Hell

11. Becoming – Far Beyond Driven 

10. 5 Minutes Alone – Far Beyond Driven 

9. Message In Blood – Cowboys from Hell

8. Fucking Hostile – Vulgar Display of Power 

7. Revolution Is My Name – Reinventing the Steel 

6. Drag the Waters – The Great Southern Trendkill

5. Walk – Vulgar Display of Power 

4. Cemetery Gates – Cowboys from Hell 

3. Cowboys from Hell – Cowboys from Hell 

2. A New Level – Vulgar Display of Power 

1. This Love – Vulgar Display of Power 

As I mentioned above, I (mostly) agree with their rankings. However, my top 10 Pantera songs would be: 

10. Goddamn Electric 

9. Fucking Hostile 

8. Cowboys from Hell

7. Drag the Waters

6. I’m Broken 

5. 5 Minutes Alone 

4. Cemetery Gates

3. Walk

2. Domination 

1. This Love 

What do you think about Revolver’s top 25 Pantera songs and their rankings? If you had to choose, what would be your top 10 Pantera songs? 

Stay Metal,