Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Mother’s Day Songs

Happy Mother’s Day from the Saw’s Butcher Shop! The Saw is very thankful for her mother – from all the life hacks, through all the concerts (one of my first with her taking place in the parking lot of a strip joint!), and always with fierce motherly protection; always having my back, and always in full support of your girl!

Thinking about my own mom got me thinking about songs that talk about mothers. A couple are obvious, but some are obscure. And one or two are my favorites!

As for obvious, lets start with a couple that ALL Metal heads know:

  • “Mother” – Danzig’s killer anthem from 1988. Remembering the era that it was written it is actually a warning to mothers (and fathers).
  • “Mama, I’m Coming Home” – Ozzy’s 1991 ballad about long treks on the road and missing family and times at home.

How about a couple older songs:

Here are some big-name bands that have mother-songs you might be less aware of:

Now here are some that stretch the category, but must be mentioned:

But there is one that my dad (aka, The OG) plays every year, on Mother’s Day, for my mom:

  • “Mother’s Day” – by Nuclear Assault is a lightening fast banger from one of the fastest bands of the day. The song is from their 1989 album, Handle with Care, and is only 33 seconds long.

What Mother’s Day songs are a tradition for you? What songs should be featured on this list?

Stay Metal,