Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: 200 Stab Wounds — Masters of Morbidity (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Ya Girl has unfinished business with you. So, 200 Stab Wounds… You already know that I was able to catch their SOLD OUT show in Chapel Hill recently. It was a beautiful evening of Death Metal, and 200 Stab Wounds did their part to destroy the place. You may also remember that the band’s 2021 release, Slave to the Scalpel (Maggot Stomp),was one of my favorites of the year, and that I gave the album a 10/10 rating. Thus, we still need to talk about the new single they dropped on November 11, 2022, “Masters of Morbidity,” and their move to a new record label.

Recently, 200 Stab Wounds inked a deal with Metal Blade Records, and the combination should prove to be deadly. As evidence of this fact, the band has dropped “Masters of Morbidity” via Metal Blade, and it’s a horrifyingly awesome track!

Musically, it’s next level material compared to Slave to the Scalpel. I’m not saying they’ve changed their sound (now that they’re on a big label), but that the beatings have increased. “Masters of Morbidity” has a wicked song structure – beefed-up by some truly horrifying riffs and screaming guitar parts. The track moves from a groovy riff breakdown, to creepy, slow-paced horror metal, and on to another killer, buzzing riff. The song has a great feel that will really make you move. If it doesn’t make you bang your head, then your already dead.

“Masters of Morbidity” has a lyric video for your twisted pleasure. Here are some sample lyrics:

  • “…Follow me, you can see what I see… Destroying all thoughts of peace and mind…”
  • “Nothing can save you from this sorrow.”
  • “…Despised of all life, I will kill you with this knife.”
  • “Hacked up limbs feed my appetite… Blood on the walls… I will find you.”
  • “I am born to destroy, to rot… To kill!”
  • “Smell of decay flows from the grave.”
  • “Cut off the head, another one dead.”
  • “Now you’re chopped.”
  • “Homicide, it’s your time to die. Suicide, it’s my time to die.”

This is a great single, and an excellent example of new school Death Metal waving the banner of classic material. I really like the direction that 200 Stab Wounds are going! Do we have to watch Ohio (along side Texas) now? With Sanguisugabogg and 200 Stab Wounds, what’s going on in Ohio?!

Stay Metal,