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When I went to the Suicide Silence The Cleansing 10 Year Tour. I got the honor of interviewing a local NC band, East Viridian. A week or so before the show their bass player, Brad, messaged me on Facebook asking if I needed a ticket. I messaged him back and told him that I was a DJ for NC State’s college radio station, WKNC, and asked if I could interview them. Long story short, I got to interview the band after the Suicide Silence show. They are nice guys, and I really enjoyed talking to them. They are a great band, make sure you check them out!!

Below is a transcript of my interview with East Viridian. Click here to listen to the audio!!

*EV stands for East Viridian. This means either Jordan, Brad, Trevor, Zack, or Josh were answering the questions. *

Me: What’s up you guys it’s your girl, The Saw, coming at you live here from the Blind Tiger in Greensboro. I’m here tonight to see Suicide Silence’s The Cleansing 10 Year Tour and I’m excited because I am here with one of the opening bands from Charlotte, North Carolina East Viridian!

EV: Hi guys, this is Jordan and I play guitar for East Viridian.  

EV: Hey this is Brad and I play bass for East Viridian.

EV: I’m Trevor and I play the drums.  

EV: This is Zack and I play guitar.  

EV: This is Josh and I am the vocals.

Me: Awesome! Okay, so my first question is the most important question: How are you guys doing? How do you guys feel after the show? Y’all just played in front of this killer crowd?

EV: My whole body aches, but it’s great.

EV: I can’t hear but in a good way.   

EV: The more energy at these shows, the better.

EV: I saw a lot of people almost get hurt, everyone had a fun time. I lost my voice, so it was a success. I had a great time.

EV: I feel good, I feel really good… I do. WOOOO!

Me: Alright! So, how did East Viridian become a band? What was the main reason behind you guys becoming a band?

EV: Well, me and Zack first started the band back in 2015.

 EV: Was it that long?

EV: Yeah dude, remember when we started a band? We were in this little storage space in Concord and we just looked at it, it was empty. Then we filled it up, and we found three douchebags to play with us. So, we originally had a different name which I don’t remember ‘cause it was bad. Then we changed it to East Viridian.

Me: Awesome! Speaking to you guys as a band, who influenced y’all musically?

EV: Wage War, In Hearts Wake, The Ghost Inside, and Gideon. Everything hardcore.

Me: Awesome, so how did y’all get onto this lineup tonight? What was the process that y’all had to do in order to be a part of this show?

EV: We’ve been trying to get in contact with the guy (Chris), but he’s a busy dude so I can’t blame him. He is a part of Crank It Loud and we ran into him at Arizona Pete’s (another club in Greensboro), and he was checking our tickets and we went in the back to say, “what’s up?” and asked him if we could jump onto a show. This was the first thing he threw at us, and we grabbed it. It was awesome, 2 weeks in advance, 50 tickets, done.  

Me: Y’all have performed several shows, one of them being with Bad Omens back in September, what’s your favorite thing about performing?

EV: We actually didn’t play that show. 

Me: You didn’t? I thought y’all did.

EV: We were kinda booked on it, but we didn’t play. They double booked that show. We were on the flyer and then they told us it wasn’t happening a week before the show.  

Me: That sucks, they missed out on a great band. Just saying. So now, I want to get into you guys personally to get to know you guys. It’s about to be festival fever… the Carolina Rebellion lineup came out, and a bunch of other lineups have been released. If y’all could make your own lineup, who would be your top three bands?

EV: Underoath is definitely headlining, probably The Devil Wears Prada ‘cause I’m stuck in 2009, and Silent Planet.

EV: Mine would definitely be Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake, and Gideon. Gideon knocked out a great album this year. 

Me: Are you going to go see Wage War next Tuesday since Gideon will be with them?

EV: I haven’t gotten a ticket yet, but if I can’t make it, I’ve seen them the first round. It was great.  

EV: I literally have the exact same answer as Josh (Ghost Inside, In Hearts Wake, and Gideon).

 EV: Gideon is headlining with Wage War, actually they can go either way.  


Me: So, your dream lineup has already happened?

EV: It’s happened, but the third band would be Oceans Ate Alaska because they are dope.

Me: That lineup is literally happening right now.

EV: Underoath being the headliner, and there is this little-known band called Close Your Eyes, they got big but I haven’t seen much of them lately. So, if you haven’t heard of them go check them out, and obviously we would be on the show. East Viridian is going be on that show!

Me: I was looking at pictures of you guys and I saw y’all wearing Wage War, Fit For A King, and In Hearts Wake merch, so I have to ask, what’s been your favorite show that you’ve been to as a fan?

EV: Definitely, this is probably going be Zack’s favorite too, it was at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Ghost Inside was on their locals only tour and during Engine 45 (one of their songs) everyone got on that stage and he handed the mic to one person. We just ripped it out of his hands and sung the rest of the song. Time of my life.

EV: I saw Journey once, that was pretty cool.

EV: I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate from this but it was an Asking Alexandria show about 5 or 6 years ago. It was awesome, it was my first concert.

Me: My favorite has been when I saw Metallica in Atlanta, that was fun. Can you tell me your social media’s so my listeners can contact you guys and hear new music?

EV: You can find me at jokujones_weastviridian on Instagram. 

EV: Basically, if you look up East Viridian on anything, we will all come up.


Est. Viridian






Band- @eastviridianofficial 

Josh- @jokujones_weastviridian  

Zack- @ev_byrd

Trevor- @what_trevor

Brad- @ev.brad

Jordan- @eastviridian_jordan



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