Saw Blade Tattoo

saw blade.jpg

I got this bad boy last week at Canvas Tattoo and Art Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina! My DJ name is The Saw, and I wanted to get a piece done dedicated to that part of my life. My good friend, Zac Byrd, tattooed me and he is in a local metalcore band, East Viridian. I interviewed his band back in December, and you can view that interview here!

I thought it was cool that one of the first bands The Saw interviewed tattooed a saw blade on me. One of the first metal bands that Zac listened to was Whitechapel, and they were the first band that he saw live. So, this tattoo was not only a sentimental piece for me, but also for him.

Zac’s Instagram: byrd_tattoos

Canvas Tattoo & Art Gallery‘s Instagram: canvastattooandartgallery


Blade OG .jpg

Original Whitechapel saw blade


I put my own twist on Whitechapel’s original saw blade, because I wanted it to portray me. The tips of the blade are from the original Whitechapel blade, and inside the blade is a mandala. The blades represent The Saw, where the mandala represents the other side of me, E. The Saw protects the rest of me and is the exterior of my core. It’s kinda like my Jekyll and Hyde piece. It is one of my favorite tattoos and it means so much to me.

I gave my life to the mark of the blade, because the saw is the law.


Stay Metal,