Interview with Myke Terry (singer) from Volumes

Myke Volumes pt3

On Friday, September 29th, I went to see Issues, Volumes, Too Close To Touch, and Sylar at the Ritz. At that show, I got to interview Myke Terry, one of the lead singers for Volumes. Below is a transcript of the interview and you can find the audio here!!! 

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Me: What’s up guys it’s DJ Saw, I’m really excited because I have Myke Terry from Volumes. They are playing at the Ritz tonight. Myke, how are you doing?

Myke: I’m doing great, how are you?

Me: I’m good. Y’all have just kicked off the Headspace Tour, how has it been so far?

Myke: So far so good. I think this has been the fourth or fifth day, and all of the shows have been good so far. The kids have been great, the fans have been awesome. We’ve been playing different songs, trying new stuff out so it’s been cool. It’s been a lot of fun.  

Me:  Cool. Speaking of touring, y’all have been on several tours this year and have been to North Carolina almost every time. What’s your favorite thing about coming to North Carolina?

Myke: I would say the shows, the friends that we get to hang out with, and just the interaction with the fans have been awesome. One of our biggest shows this year was at the Carolina Rebellion and I had a great time. That was one of my favorite shows of the year, for sure.

Me: What’s your favorite thing about touring?

Myke: I love to travel. I like seeing different places and meeting new people. Every day is a new experience and I get to go to a different city, different environment, and bring joy and a good time to a bunch of different people. It’s kinda awesome if you think about it.

Me: What’s your least favorite thing about touring?

Myke: Least favorite thing about touring…. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t like it when tours end, I like to stay on tour. It’s just like going to work, I like working. This is my job, and I have a cool job. You would never want your job to end if it was cool you know? –Laughs-  

Me: Where’s your favorite place to play a show?

Myke: There are a couple of different spots. Denver’s a really good area, the shows in Denver are amazing. Texas is always a good time. Florida. North Carolina is always sick. And then California, always, because that’s just the homebase for the band for sure.

Me: What’s your favorite song to play live?

Mkye: Well, I can’t say because that’s kinda a trick question because we are playing a different set every night so if I told you what my favorite song is from my set then I would be giving away one of the songs. So, I can’t tell you which one is my favorite to play.

Me: Will you tell me after the show? 

Myke: Absolutely, I will tell you after the show.

Me: Alright, word. Do you like playing venues or festivals, more, because I know you brought up the Carolina Rebellion and you’ve were in North Carolina last night and also tonight. So, would you say venues or festivals?

Myke: It all depends. Both have awesome qualities about them. There are good and bad things to both. Man, I don’t know. Obviously, festivals for being huge and what not, but I like the intimacy of a really big show, like a club show.

Me: You just joined Volumes like a year or so ago, how did you become a part of Volumes? Like, how did you meet the band?

Myke: I met Diego’s cousin and Diego at a party one night, and I was really drunk… don’t drink, college students.

Me: Different Animals released a few months ago, what’s the meaning behind that album?

Myke: Different Animals is kinda like a rebirth of the band. You take all of the elements of what makes Volumes, Volumes. And all of the people that are in the band are five different elements. It’s five different pieces of a whole, and with me joining the band, and the band having a more involved sound, the five pieces of that whole are now like a different animal. So, we are all parts of this different animal.  

Me: Personally, what’s your favorite song off that album?

Myke: It’s a tie between Pieces and Waves Control for me.

Me: What are some bands that have influenced your certain taste and your style?

Myke: An old band called Scarlet, another old band called A Life That’s Lost, Meshuggah. Man, there are so many bands. Pretty much any band that I’m listening to, I take an element away from that and try to use that in my own creative process.

Me: Alright, so here are some fun questions for you.

Myke:Alright, lay it on me. Lay it on me!

Me: If you could tour with any band (still together or not), who would the band be and why?

Myke: Slipknot because that would be insane, and Coldplay because I would just want to watch them every night. It wouldn’t really go over well and it would be a train wreck of a show, but it would be cool to watch it every night.  

Me: What band have you wanted to see live, but never have gotten the chance to see?

Myke: Architects, I haven’t seen them yet. I’ve really been digging their records lately.

Me: Last but not least, what are some of your favorite songs at the moment that you play when you are traveling on tour? What are your jams right now?

Myke: Oh man there is this Ariana Grande song that they play, we will probably hear it tonight. It’s classic; its like –starts snapping and making noises that are similar to the beat- I think that Ariana Grande. Everytime it comes on I feel like confetis and glitter are about to come out of the sky. I don’t know, I really like it.

Me:  I saw her live like two years ago.

Myke: Is she sick?

Me: Yeah, it was really good.

Myke: Did she sound good live?

Me: Yeah, she did. -Laughs- Alright guys that’s all I have for you. Thank you, Myke, for sitting down and doing an interview with me.

Myke: Of course, thank you for having me.  

Me: Yeah, no problem. You are listening to 88.1 WKNC.




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