Obituary – North American Headlining Tour @ The Blind Tiger 5/3/18

Obituary tour

When I saw that Obituary was coming through North Carolina again, you know I had to buy tickets. This show worked out perfectly because I finished my exams the day before. So, this show was the way I celebrated the end of my freshman year of college!

I got to the venue early because I had VIP to meet Obituary. I play them all the time in The Butcher Shop and I was really excited to meet them, not only because I play them, but because they are one of my favorite death metal bands that I grew up listening to. While I was in line, I met a former WKNC Chainsaw Rock DJ and Music Director! We bonded because I am currently a Chainsaw Rock DJ and the current Chainsaw Rock Music Director for WKNC. It was so cool because it was like we had a type of bond since we both were DJ’s. We talked about how the station has progressed and some fun memories that we have had at WKNC.

When it was finally time to meet Obituary, we went inside the venue and the tour manager told us to form a line and wait for the band to come inside. I didn’t even know the band was in front of me until they introduced themselves. They look nothing like they do on stage. They just looked like basic dudes, wearing camo shorts, white t-shirts, and flip flops. John Tardy greeted me first and gave me a hug. I told the band that I play them all the time and that I have been listening to them my entire life. I also told them that they are my dad’s favorite band and they were excited that metal ran through our family. They were roasting me because I was wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt, but it was all in good fun.

After meeting them and getting things signed, we formed another line to take a picture with them. Their tour manager had my phone and he ended up taking selfies on my phone… but then he took a picture of me and Obituary. John Tardy said, “Dude, your dad is going to be so jealous.”

Band Obit



I was in the front for the show, and it was AWESOME!! All of the bands put on a really good show. False Prophet, a local band, opened up the show and I was really impressed. You could tell that they were excited to play this show because they kept saying, “Man, we are so excited to see Obituary.” This band has a really good sound and they are a great death metal band. They kept throwing guitar picks, so I literally caught like 7 of them. I ended up handing them to the people around me since I had so many. You gotta share the love, you know what I mean?

The next band to perform was Dust Bolt and I didn’t know what to expect from this German band. They have a Thrash metal sound and their front man/guitarist was a wild man! He was running around, jumping up and down, and getting in the crowd’s face. He was never still and they were jamming!! They all had really pretty hair and I was slightly offended because they all had better hair than me.

Skeletonwitch was next and they also put on a great show, the vocalist was very interactive with the crowd and the crowd was jamming out to them. There was a mosh pit and everyone was responsive to the band. Pallbearer was the second to last band and they are really talented, but they were too loud. I couldn’t hear anything around me because the music was blaring at me. They were a really chill band and people just swayed to them. Some people started a mosh pit, which doesn’t surprise me because metalheads will literally start a mosh pit to anything.

Finally, Obituary came on and the entire place was rocking!! The band had such great energy and they were all jamming. John Tardy was head banging with the crowd and letting us sing the songs with him. They played some of their popular songs, such as Chopped in Half, Don’t Care, and Find the Arise. They seemed to be having a good time on stage and the crowd was giving them tons of energy! John messed up on some of the words to a song and he looked back at his brother, Donald, on drums and he’s pointing at him and telling him to start singing again. I was jamming and singing every song and John gave me their setlist and Trevor gave me a guitar pick.

At the end of the show, I met the band again and John said he wants to call into the station one day and say “what’s up!” My parents met up with me, and my dad got to meet his favorite band! Kenny came up to me and was asking if my dad made it to the show and I pointed at my dad when he asked me. Kenny got so excited and hugged my dad. It’s easy to admit that my dad was really happy to meet his favorite band. I got to take another picture with Trevor and John after the show. Overall, Obituary put on a great show and I would love to see them again, soon!


Band Tevor

Trevor Peres (Guitarist) for Obituary


Band John

John Tardy (Vocalist) for Obituary




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