Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Obituary — The Wrong Time (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Have you heard? Are you aware? The living legends, Obituary, have dropped a new single from their upcoming 11th studio album. “The Wrong Time” is the leading single from Dying of Everything, due to be released on January 13, 2022 (Relapse). The single has a cool video that’s been released. And the look and sound is definitely classic Obituary, with some new and different forms.

Ok, you already know that Ya Girl loves Obituary! In fact, they are the band that I have written about the most over the years, for at least two reasons: First, they’re awesome! (hello?!) And, secondly, they are one of the hardest working bands out there today. One of my oldest Scrawls from The Saw’s Butcher Shop is a Show Review from 2018 when Obituary came to Greensboro, NC and I was able to meet the band.  There is another Show Review of Obituary where Ya Girl had the honor of interviewing Trever Peres and we hung-out and chilled. There is, also, another Show Review from 2019 when Obituary came to Raleigh, NC with Abbath and tore-up the city! It was a great show! There is a Scrawl where Your Master Butcher conducts a Classic Album Review on The End Complete, Obituary’s best selling record to date. And recently, we’ve talked about the new release of Obit’s first two records, recorded during the C-19 Pandemic.

So, here we are again! Talking about Obituary, their new album that’s coming, and it’s leading single. If you head over to the Relapse Records website, you can preorder Dying of Everything in whatever platform you like. You can also check-out the new video for “The Wrong Time.” They have some awesome merch available, too. And there is also some info from the band, some insights on the new album.

“The Wrong Time” is a perfect example of a death-defying balancing act (pun intended!). The track encapsulates the fact of where we find Obituary, today. You can hear that classic groovy Death Metal structure and tone; that sound that defines horror Metal. But you can also hear an evolution; an expansion of that classic sound in modern times. “The Wrong Time” is a mid-tempo banger with a different feel (at times), but at the same time, clearly Obituary. John Tardy (vocals) performs his patented unearthly, raspy gutterals, while Donald Tardy (drums), Trever Peres (rhythm guitar), Terry Butler (bass), and Kenny Andrews (lead guitar) serenade you with skull-crushing grooves, beautiful riffs, and screeching, soaring leads. The production is incredible, too; something else for which Obituary have become known. The band admits an intentional move toward an expanding sound, and the fact that Kenny writes two songs for Dying of Everything is evidence of the fact. Obituary have a rock-solid, immovable foundation, it’s their tentacles that reach out, far and wide, to expand sound.

I’m excited for this new release! And with Obituary’s marketing genius, I know they will be everywhere!

Stay Metal,