Thoughts that Metalheads have Throughout the Day

What’s up Butcher Crew?! I hope all is well! Today I was walking to class and I saw a girl wearing a chain and lock around her neck and I thought, “that’s pretty damn metal.” And then it dawned on me, us metalheads view the world differently and honestly, it’s pretty funny. I keep myself entertained throughout the day just thinking about random things.

Here are a couple of thoughts that metalheads have throughout the day.


Is this shirt too much to wear out during the day?

band shirts

We all have that one band shirt that we really want to wear out in public, but it’s not socially acceptable. I have a few shirts that I will put on but then I’m like, “yeah the normal people aren’t ready for this one yet.” My favorite shirt is my Obituary Chopped in Half shirt that has a half-bloodied torso on it. It is great to wear at family gatherings.

They’re wearing a band shirt! They listen to the same music as me! I should go talk to them.

metalhead points .png

Okay, this doesn’t happen a lot on campus but when it does, it’s so refreshing. And I’m not talking about shirts like Nirvana, Metallica, and other mainstream bands. I’m talking about Dying Fetus, Amon Amarth, Thy Art is Muder, Rings of Saturn, Roseblood, and Shame Spiral, etc. I have seen a few people wearing bands shirts and every time I see them, I will go up to them. I was at the movies and this dude was wearing an Obituary shirt and I just point at him and yelled, “CHOPPED IN HALF!!!” and he shoots me the goat. Respect.


That’s pretty damn metal


I will read something online that is so random and bazar, but if you think about it, it’s pretty damn metal. Or I will see a meme. My favorite one is with a CD that looks like a saw blade, and the caption is “That’s so metal.” Either way, I try to make everything metal, so this is a thought that I get a lot. And also, if you don’t know who Nathan Explosion is from Metalocalypse then we can’t be friends.


Oh my god this music sucks.

this sucks .png

I have this thought at every party that I am at because the music is just awful. Now, I like rap, so I can tolerate it at my friend’s house or at a party. But if country music is EVER put on, you’re gonna tell by the look on my face that I am not pleased. I remember I was at a party, and this guy said if you want to change the music, my password is 1234. You already know I got up and changed the song.



hulahoop metal.png

Okay, maybe you aren’t a big fan of hula hoops like me and homeboy right here, but you still get the point. We might look and act tough, but we love having a good time and the littlest things make us happy. Go talk to a metalhead! I promise you that we are the coolest and nicest people you’ll ever meet. You can ask anyone who knows me, I am a metalhead but honestly, I’m just a hippie who likes leather.


These are only some of the thoughts that occur to me throughout the day as a metalhead. What are some metal thoughts that you think about?


Stay Metal,