Songs to Listen to While Walking to Class

When walking around campus, I wonder what people are listening to on their walks to/from class. Do people know that I am blasting metal through my ear drums? Are they blasting metal? The world may never know.


I like to try and see if I can guess people’s musical tastes by trying to guess what they are listening to (I am usually wrong but… ‘A’ for effort).


Now, when I walk around campus, I am almost always listening to metal. And you can tell because I will play air drums and fist pump the air because the breakdowns and riffs are just THAT GOOD! I gotta be careful sometimes… if I get too into it, I will start two-stepping; the next thing you know, I’m crowdkilling trees. A beatdown just goes really hard and you just can’t control it.


The majority of the time when I’m walking to and from my classes, I am finding songs to play for my set (which you should totally listen to). Speaking of my show, I have new set times!!! The Bone Cruncher (your only place to hear some of my Local Butchers) will be on Friday’s starting at 5pm! Stuck in a traffic jam? Have no fear, The Saw will keep you entertained. Immediately following The Bone Cruncher is The House of Horrors (the heaviest metal on the planet) from 6-8pm.


Yep, you got that right: THREE HOURS in a row – pounded into dust! Oh, the beatings! You’re welcome.


Here is a list of some songs to make your trip to class suck a little less:

  • Literally any song off of A Different Shade of Blue by Knocked Loose. I personally like Forget Your Name and Guided by the Moon.
  • Literally any song off of Hartford County Misery by Boundaries. I really like Dog Teeth and No Other Way.
  • Thanks for Nothing by Bent Life
  • Capital Punishment by Detain
  • Pressure by Bloodbather
  • 3 Knives by Code Orange
  • The Hammer by Kublai Khan
  • No Love/ No One by Gideon
  • The Hands of Man by Heavens Die
  • You Will Be Done by Next Time Mr. Fox
  • Dreaming In Dog Years by The Red Chord


Here are some other songs that I like to listen to when I want to listen to something other than metal (shocker!).

  • Take a Walk by Tiny Meat Gang
  • Wood Worm by Noel Miller
  • South Beach by Ty Dolla $ign
  • Out for the night by 21 Savage
  • Act Up by City Girls
  • Pissed, ICY GRL, and My Type by Saweetie
  • Bootsy Bellows by Wiz Khalifa
  • Tia Tamera by Doja Cat
  • Artificial by Earthgang
  • Boogie by Brockhampton
  • King’s Dead by Jay Rock
  • Kream by Iggy Azalea


What songs do you listen to while walking campus?


Stay Metal,