Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop – Dying Fetus @ The Blind Tiger SHOW REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop, Butcher Crew! It’s ya girl, The Saw; and I’m back again with another Show Review. Halloween weekend 2021 continued (after the Frozen Soul show, Friday night) with the kings, Dying Fetus, on Saturday October 30th. Vitriol, Brand Of Sacrifice, and Terror came with them, and everyone was bangin’.

The Venue

I have been to The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC too many times to count! This venue is a main stop for touring bands in the south. A large open floor plan gives spectators plenty of room for the spectacle that the Metal Community brings. Merch booths were set up all around the building, and a good size bar keeps everyone refreshed. The Blind Tiger hosts all kinds of shows and genres, so you never know what you’ll see and hear, here.

The Support

And pure metal is what was on display this night! The night opened with Vitriol, a solid band that left me with the question, “How is this band the 1st act?!” They played fast and hard. The bass player and guitarist are both vocalists, and there vocal sparring is brilliant. Death metal, with a fusion of black metal riffs and melodies, makes Vitriol a force of sound. The pit broke out immediately during Vitriol. It was so cool to see the energy the crowd already had. The band noticed, too! My question was answered when Brand of Sacrifice hit the stage. With more of a deathcore sound, the band was polished and tight. The vocalist utilized several different voices, but his gutterals and pig squeals were my favorite! A light show added to the smooth finish of this band. When Terror came out, everyone was already worked-up and ready. Terror is an O.G. Thrash Metal / Hardcore band. The vocalist is a great frontman! He worked the crowd continuously, and really brought the place to the point of frenzy. Great quick, grooves and bangin’ riffs make this an exciting band. Bodies started flying during Terror. The pit was intense and so many people began to stage dive. The singer got out of the way so more people could pack the stage. They sure do love the energy that we brought that night.

Dying Fetus

What can one add to the long and brutal career of Dying Fetus?! A three-piece band with the force and power of sight and sound. I’ve got to say that these guys are among the tightest and soundest bands out there. Crisp, clean, and clear… that’s Dying Fetus’ brand of death metal. These guys are really great musicians. I’ve seen them many times and while the song list has slight variations from tour to tour, the staples of a Dying Fetus show are always nailed to the wall – Fixated on Devastation, Your Treachery Will Die With You, Wrong One to Fuck With; along with many others from the band’s huge catalog. Dying Fetus never disappoints, and you always feel as though you have been “Subjected to a Beating.” People were even stage diving during Dying Fetus’ set! You don’t see that a lot during their live shows but Greensboro always knows how to bring the energy. My favorite part of the night was when the pit became chaotic and John Gallagher yelled, “circle pit, caveman style.” A great show to round out the great Halloween weekend of 2021!

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