Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Dying Fetus — Compulsion for Cruelty (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Ya girl, The Saw wants to let you know that one of her favorite Death Metal bands – Dying Fetus – dropped a new single on September 2, 2022 entitled, “Compulsion for Cruelty,” and it’s a real banger (of course)! It’s been five years since we’ve herd something new from the band, and they stay true-to-form; picking up right where they left off.


Though new releases have been quiet, Dying Fetus have not! The band have toured extensively, and your Master Butcher has caught their live act a couple of times over the past few years. I first saw Dying Fetus about five years ago, in Richmond, VA. I had heard them while growing up, but seeing them live was an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe that three guys produced that much sound! They have a great light show, awesome sound, tight playing, and excellent stage presence. The crowd almost literally explodes at a Dying Fetus show! And that’s because of the style of Death Metal the band plays.

Dying Fetus

The band have had multiple line-up changes over the decades, but regardless, you always know what you’re going to get from Dying Fetus. The one constant in the band, and in their sound, has been John Gallagher (guitars, vocals). As the years have progressed Dying Fetus have evolved, but only laterally. For the past 15 years the membership has been set in stone, with Trey Williams (drums) joining the slaughter in 2007. Sean Beasley (bass) joined in 2001, and in 2004 also became the 2nd vocalist, initiating the now famous (or infamous) tag-team vocal attack with Gallagher. Since these three, and the concretizing of Dying Fetus, the band have released (I think) their best work:

  • Descend into Depravity (2009) via Relapse Records
  • Reign Supreme (2012) via Relapse Records
  • Wrong One to Fuck With (2017) via Relapse Records

What sets Dying Fetus apart in the Extreme Metal world, specifically in the Death Metal genre, is their song structures. Built on huge, heavy hooks – time changes and signatures based on blast beats, slam riffs, and vicious breakdowns – they have been documented as a major influence on the Hardcore and Deathcore genres. The musicianship of the three cannot be overestimated. Flawless, extremely fast drumming, clean 5-string bass playing, and always perfect picking on the six-string; topped-off with the diametric, gutteral vocal attack, marks Dying Fetus as distinct in the Metal Universe.

Compulsion for Cruelty

And the new single is no different from what one would expect from these kings! Beginning with a wicked circular riff, the track settles into a Dying Fetus hook and groove. The timing changes again with another riff, before returning to the hook and groove. Then comes the beat-down, Dying Fetus style! Again, to top it off, the tag-team gutterals of Gallagher and Beasley are (ironically) clear, succinct, and on time (and sometimes at the same time)!

The new single (and video) arrives in time for Dying Fetus’ North American Tour, which also began on September 2nd. The Saw is excited to hear about a new album from these killers! But for now, I’ll have “Compulsion for Cruelty” on repeat!

Stay Metal,


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