Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Unbridled Fury — Dying Fetus (2023) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Ya Girl, The Saw, is passing through today to make sure you know that the KINGS of Death Metal/Grind have dropped another New Single. Dying Fetus are beating us, once again, with “Unbridled Fury” (Relapse). The song title is a perfect description of the song style – a non-stop attack!

Have I mentioned that these three Maryland dudes are one of my favorite bands?! Dying Fetus is an unrelenting wrecking ball, whether its recorded or live. “Compulsion for Cruelty” dropped at the end of last year (2022), just in time for their North American Tour, and “Unbridled Fury” has been released at the top of their European Tour that began at the beginning of February, 2023. Dying Fetus will be back in the US in the spring, ripping the faces off of American fans again!

“Unbridled Fury” blasts from the start, like it’s been shot from a gun. A blistering, ripping riff, blast beats and blindly fast double bass, and rapid-fire vocal delivery pounds you into dust before the time signature shifts to a groove-laden hook. Back to a merciless beat-down, the track slams on the breaks with the squeal of the guitar. Then, the ass-whoopin’ really begins! The song returns to the original onslaught before a hypnotizing, circular solo (of sorts) from Gallagher, and then the slam-riff to end the banger!

Lyrically, there are no surprises, here, either. Dying Fetus’ incredible sound is paced with their brutal and graphic lyrical content. “Unbridled Fury” is an attack on the senses! And, of course, the lyrics describe the plot. Here is a sample:

  • “Can’t take it to look at all the stupid faces.”
  • “Disgusted in all, knowing their disgraces.”
  • “Feeling daily bend trying not to break.”
  • “Reaching for my ‘fuck it’ pills I have to take.”
  • “A fuse has been lit, can feel it in my core.”
  • “The menacing dreams of implosion that is real.”
  • “Ready to impose a most frightening raw deal.”
  • “No care at all, just stepping over the dead.”
  • “Reveling in the chaos, the daydream is you.”
  • “The repugnance of living I exceedingly feel.”
  • “To all no quarter given, no last meals.”
  • “Their submissive pleas, killing them with ease.”
  • “When no one is left, there’s proof of my theft.”
  • “Dishing out the horror wherever I can.”
  • “Sanity has left me, time to attack.”
  • “Wasted existence, what was it all for?”

“Unbridled Fury” is a great new single from Dying Fetus, who never disappoint!

Stay Metal,