Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Sanguisugabogg — Homicidal Ecstasy (2023) ALBUM REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Ya Girl has been anticipating the drop of the sophomore album from Sanguisugabogg, and it’s finally here! Homicidal Ecstasy (Century Media) was released on February 3, 2023, and it is pure Death Metal – a nasty, crunchy, bouncing, banging, slam-fest of brutality, and a skull crushing beat-down! How wonderful!!

The Saw has gone into detail about the (so-called) New Wave of Death Metal. New School Death Metal is cresting, riding a towering wave of blood-soaked carnage and broken bodies. This wave of brutality appeared out of nowhere, rising up out of the deep sea of Extreme Metal. And Sanguisugabogg is helping to supply the fuel from the center of the storm. As I’ve previously mentioned (in the hyper-linked essay), just in the past few years a restless form of ordered chaos has arisen, and it’s crushing everything in sight. Among bands like Gatecreeper, Creeping Death, Undeath, Frozen Soul, I Am, 200 Stab Wounds, Tribal Gaze, Vomit Forth, Bodybox, Phobophilic (and MANY others), Sanguisugabogg is handing out beat-downs – Old School Death Metal with a New School twist of the blade.

Homicidal Ecstasy is an awesome record! Sanguisugabogg toe-the-line of classic Death Metal – even taking the disgusting crown for lyrical content and dirty, gritty riffs. This content is what first formed Death Metal back in the day. And the band also bring some serious talent with their smothering sound.

I’ve talked about Devin Swank’s vocal abilities – ultra-deep gutterals; rumbling, calm, disturbed, cadences of violence and torment. This new album showcases his hauntingly tortuous delivery with varying degrees of speed, a sparing use of higher pitched vocals, and even a pig squeal; all to accentuate the horrid point of the madness.

Drew Arnold and Cedrik Davis have delivered some truly brutal riffs and arrangements on this new album! I’ve had to listen to the record several times to even begin to understand what is happening! From slow bone crunching power (for example, “Pissed”), to swaying (really, danceable) grooves (like, “A Lesson in Savagery”), and slam-riffs that destroy everything in sight (i.e., “Testicular Rot”). Each track on Homicidal Ecstasy stands alone – distinct compositions of stylized classic Death Metal, delivered with technical precision, mastery, and imagination.

And Cody Davidson is one of the best Death Metal drummers on the scene! His timing and style are very distinct. There is a certain way that Death Metal drumming is done – a feel and sense to the writing that marks what really makes the music played, Death Metal. Davidson has mastered this style, down to a science, and then builds something new from the clinical work. He is extremely fast, both his hands and his feet, but does not overplay his part by washing-out the riffs. There are no limits to his imagination. His playing is really a key element, not only to Sanguisugabogg, but to the whole sub-genre of New School Death Metal.

I always say, you don’t have to invent something new to be good in today’s Extreme Metal scene. Just be good at it. But Sanguisugabogg have executed the old to such an extent, and with such exact precision, on Homicidal Ecstasy,that their sound and presentation are familiar, yet distinct; a rotting infection, but an imaginatively forward-thinking way of spreading the disease. And the lyrical content… Wow! Look no further than the song titles:

  1. Black Market Vasectomy
  2. Face Ripped Off
  3. Pissed
  4. Testicular Rot
  5. Hungry for Your Insides
  6. Skin Cushion
  7. A Lesson in Savagery
  8. Narcissistic Incisions
  9. Mortal Admonishment
  10. Proclamation of the Frail
  11. Necrosexual Deviant
  12. Feening for Bloodshed

Rating: 10/10!! A brilliant modern expression of Old School Death Metal!

Favorite songs: Pissed, Testicular Rot, A Lesson in Savagery, Mortal Admonishment

Stay Metal,