Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Sanguisugabogg — Necrosexual Deviant (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Your Master Butcher is here to ensure that you know, and that you’ve heard, the newest Sanguisugabogg single – released the week of December 12, 2022. We’ve already talked about (and consumed) the leading single, “Pissed,” off their upcoming new album, Homicidal Ecstasy (Century Media) due out February 3, 2023. Well, they’ve dropped another single, “Necrosexual Deviant,” and you already know that Sanguisugabogg is at it again!

Sanguisugabogg has assumed the crown… a distinction not seen since the days of old, when Cannibal Corpse was known for the incredibly disturbed lyrics of Chris Barnes (Six Feet Under). If you have ever listened to Sanguisugabogg’s previous releases, then you already know what they’re about. And the newest record promises further carnage, decay, defilement, and disturbing visual images. I love it! 

Devin Swank (vocals) is proudly wearing the crown that has been discarded for years. As if he knew that Death Metal needed the twisted images of derangement, he expresses a dark commentary in vivid, unfiltered, verbal imagery of violence and necrophilia in it’s most degraded form. Backed by crushing old school riffs, suffocating drum signatures and cymbal crashes, and intricate compositions that change tempo and style multiple times in a single track. This is New-School Death Metal done the old way, without exception. 

“Necrosexual Deviant” leaves nothing to the imagination – musically nor lyrically. Excellent groovy riffs, with an extremely dark tone, and blindingly fast rolls, double-bass kicks, and cymbal combinations. Sanguisugabogg just have a distinct sound; one of the best sounds in all of Metal (IMO). And Swank’s vocal style – very low register gutterals, again, much different than most bands today – is unmatched. Not since the early days (90’-96’) of Chris Barnes has there been a delivery like this. Pay attention to this band, Butcher Crew, they are going to do wonderfully disgusting things!

Lyrics for “Necrosexual Deviant” *Warning!!! Extremely Disturbing Imagery!

“The urge controls. Taking over me… Lose control.”

“I fulfill my desire. Can’t fight their will. The dead satisfies.”

“Lifeless tryst. Alive again. I hear their moans. They still feel warm.”

“Slowly growing more insane. Living out this dream.”

“No more holding back. Lusting after unburied, re-animated dead.”

“No more looking back. Feelings come unwarranted. Now it’s my last time. Gross carnality.”

“Now more alive than ever before. My name moaned in silence.”

“Cravings of the dead. I’m wanting more. Their sleep defiled.”

“Bearing the sodom. The expressionless face of the dead is reassuring.”

“Dead connoisseur… it lives on. Stealing my identity. It consumes my life.”

“I’m dead inside. My will to fuck the dead lives on. Forever on.”

Questions: Is Sanguisugabogg giving us a glimpse into their deepest, darkest desires? Or, is this commentary a deeper, darker expression of how we as humans see each other? Do we take this band at face value, or do we assume their use of hyperbole as a brilliant commentary on human interactions with one another? 

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