Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Sanguisugabogg — Pissed (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop. You already know Ya Girl loves the new wave of (aka, “new-school”) Death Metal! And I’m excited because, one of the best in the genre have dropped a new single from their upcoming new album, due to be released early next year. It is fascinating to me how quickly this band (and others in this particular genre) have just blown-up in a few, short years! I think heavy touring and the Internet age have quickened the process for many bands.

Sanguisugabogg have dropped, “Pissed,” a new song off their new album, Homicidal Ecstasy, due-out on February 3, 2023 (Century Media). I witnessed the display, live, last year (2021) when Sanguisugabogg came to town in support of Frozen Soul. I was very impressed with their stage presence, their stage show, and the pure Death Metal power of their crunch! Wicked riffs – chunky and crunchy – very deep, low register gutterals from a highly talented front-man, and an excellent drummer that really propels the sound forward.

“Pissed” is a HEAVY, nasty new cut of pure darkness delight! It begins with a slow, chunky grind. Of course, the vocals are a crushing, very low gutteral. If you don’t bang your head to this, with stank face, you’re dead! The riff, and bruising drum attack, picks-up as the song moves along. In the middle section, blast-beats and a sickening roar signal the circle pit. Then it’s back to the main, mid-paced riff that is simply a banger! The back-end of the song features an excellent change-over to an old-school Cannibal Corpse feeling atmospheric filler. And then back to the main riff (complete with double snare hits), before ending with a classic “ohhhh!”

A lyrical sample: *Warning – the lyrics are in the form of classic Death Metal butchery*

  • “… Smash your head on the concrete. Lay your body in the street…”
  • “… The sight of your last breath. Nothing more exciting than your death.”
  • “… Your feeling sorrow… I bet you wish you never crossed my path. Erotic vicious bloodshed. A sense of joy that I hope will last me.”
  • “I’ll drive my fist into your face. I wont stop at first blood spilled. You cry but your mouth can’t save you now. You must endure this punishment. Your fucked.”
  • “I push the barrel beneath your lips. I’ll end your life because I’m pissed.”

BTW, ‘Sanguisugabogg’ – You remember that Ya Girl studied Latin for three years in college – is a Latin root word, “Sanguisia,” meaning blood (both Type-O-Negative and Vltimas have songs with the Latin word meaning, veins); “suga,” roughly translated means to suck. Now, “Bogg” is both, the founding guitarists last name, and is British slang for a toilet. So, Sanguisugabogg means, a blood-sucking toilet! Wonderful!!

The Saw is excited for the release of the new full-length LP, Homicidal Ecstasy, by Sanguisugabogg in February!

Sanguisugabogg is:

  • Devin Swank – vocals
  • Cody Davidson – drums
  • Drew Arnold – guitars
  • Ced Davis – guitars

The band was formerly with Maggot Stomp, before being scooped-up by Century Media. I’m telling you, watch these bands coming out of the Maggot Stomp studio!

Stay Metal,