Album Review: Amon Amarth – Berserker, 2019 (Metal Blade)

The Swedish kings of Melodic Death Metal, Amon Amarth, have delivered again! 2019 sees the arrival of Berserker, the band's 11thstudio album. There is no other metal band like these veterans – the near perfect combination of (seemingly) opposing concepts of melody and crushing brutality, harmony and roaring gutterals – and this record exemplifies that … Continue reading Album Review: Amon Amarth – Berserker, 2019 (Metal Blade)

Album Review: Whitechapel – The Valley

What’s that sound? Oh, that’s the sound of me fangirling because Whitechapel dropped another banger of an album. This is Whitechapel’s eighth studio album and it is the perfect combination of chunky, dark riffs, and melodic melodies. The Valleyis much different than previous records. The sound of Whitechapel is continuing to evolve and their newest … Continue reading Album Review: Whitechapel – The Valley

Of Mice & Men – Defy

Of Mice & Men formed in 2009 in Orange County, California. Originally, the band was a five-piece band; with Austin Carlile (vocalist), Aaron Pauley (bass/clean vocalist), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Phil Manansala (guitarist) and Alan Ashby (guitarist). Unfortunately, Carlile left the band in late 2016. He has been struggling with a long-term battle with Marfan Syndrome … Continue reading Of Mice & Men – Defy