Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Hypocrisy – Worship (2021) HEAVY BREAKDOWN

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop, Butcher Crew! Ya girl, your Master Butcher, The Saw is giving you a beat-down with a Heavy Breakdown Album Review of Hypocrisy’s new record, Worship, released on November 26, 2021 (Nuclear Blast). We have talked previously about the history of the band, its discography, and the genius of Peter Tägtgren (guitars, vocals) and; more recently, two of the three singles released for the record. So, today, we will nail-down the third single and the other songs on Worship with descriptions of musical delivery and lyrical excerpts. 

  • The Title Track, “Worship” opens with an acoustic version of the atmospheric riff to follow, then blasts off at a classic, ripping pace. Tägtgren uses his mid-range gutterals and raspy screams as vehicles to deliver the message (visualized by the album cover and music video): 

“The wormhole reveals itself…the gods have arrived. The ships of crosses descend…the truth will reveal itself. Worship the gods of the masses…the sign will lead us all. They’ve come to their gathering, their creation. They will bring home their fucking slaves. You’re going out with a bang. You’ll light up the sky. You are the slave forevermore. Porthole to the other side. No turning back. You’ll pay your dues, pay in tears and blood…Time to say goodbye…Time to pay with your life.”

  • “Chemical Whore,” one of the singles for the record, has a main melodic riff throughout, incredible harmony layered with a rolling riff during the chorus; deep register vocals, accentuated with extended howling screams. They also have a music video for this song!

“Swallow your freedom…We got everything you want so you don’t have to think again.  Pharmaceutical industry is born…it is not to cure, it is about control…They want to own it all. Tranquilized mind to make sure you won’t make trouble or fight. You can’t tell right from wrong or lies.”

  • “Greedy Bastards” has a wicked riff that drives through the entire song. Deep gutterals, with higher (Black Metal) accents during the bridge and chorus. 

“Raise taxes with a pocket full of gold…they don’t give a shit about us. Only fools will follow fools. Sacrifice our rights to seize more power. We live in constant fear…they push us to the edge. Our minds they clog with lies. Control us ‘till the end of time. Vote for me and I’ll make you rich. Raising taxes and lock us down. Media drives us to Insanity. And leave us as the evil enemy. You’re the enemy.” 

  • “Dead World” is another single we’ve previously discussed. The song begins with blast-beats and a wicked riff, then turns to a mid-paced riff that is nothing but a hook, only to return to the opening riff. Most of the lyrics are delivered with Tägtgren’s trademark gutterals (a combination of levels and screams). Check out their music video for this song!

“They have a master plan. Divide us all, make us suffer. They’re feeding off our hatred…with bleeding fits and triggered hate. Will we ever stand our ground? Or will we lay down and wait to die? With poison in our veins…Chemtrails as far as the eye can see. With the aluminum in our veins, we drop dead soon. Governments around the world…exterminating humans. Turning us against each other. We are the global experiment…the hate is driving us mad.”

  • “We’re the walking dead” is a Hypocrisy ballad, a haunting atmospheric riff drives this entire song. Tägtgren utilizes his lowest register, with accentuating high, gravelly screams. 

“How long can you hold your breath? When the acid rain keeps falling from the sky. Feel your body aching as you try to breath. Chemicals that spread through your flesh. We’re Drowning in chaos. Take your time, ‘cause we all will fry. Programmed to obey. Programmed to die. Nothings for free but greed and misery. Brainwashed, lobotomized. Makes the perfect citizen-suicide. Sterilized, tranquilized. We have no rights. We’re in the dark.” 

  • “Brotherhood of the Serpent” has a crunching, grinding riff as a vehicle. Mid-range gutterals, chanting and layered with other voices. 

“I am the one that enslaved you. You are the slave that feeds me…your misery. Taste it, feast on our hate. Crave it, we’ll make you beg. Fear it, nothings for free. We’ll keep you ‘till the end. It’s finally taking its toll, in the wraths of the evil serpents. You’re born into debt, you pay your whole life. Decrease the population, that’s their master plan. Inject 2,000,000 people, inject with HIV. Rise we control your fears, through the corrupted media. We leave you ripped and scarred. Not everyone is born with royal blood in their veins.”

  • “Children of the Gray” is the third and final single on Worship. It has an atmospheric sound, mid-tempo pace; very groovy and catchy. High, raspy (Black Metal) vocals, interspersed with mid-range gutterals express a dire commentary on environmental issues, with a twist. There is an animated video for the single, as well. 

“What a beautiful day to die. Who says the truth is a lie, when the truth is running thin. When you sold your soul to the man, you’ll lose the game to the children of the Gray. The course of destruction we mold. Resources that we drained. The Toxic air you suck down your lungs. Rainforests leveled to the ground. Oceans like plastic ponds. Troops of Plague, marches in and seals your fate.”

  • “Another Day” is a driving track, one of the fastest on the record. Great galloping riffs and mid to low register gutterals. The chorus switches gears suddenly with a buzzing, swirling riff. 

“Did you ever think why you never got the chance, live your life carefree like you don’t give a damn? They put it in the system to drag you down. To make you feel like you constantly drown. A nickel for your thoughts, a dime for your souls. That’s what you’re worth…you can fight all you want…when you make to much noise they’ll make you disappear.”

  • “They will arrive” has one of the best riffs on the record as a vehicle to drive the message. Tägtgren uses his usual mixed vocal range – mid-range, lower register grunts and roars, and screams. 

“Pyramids, hieroglyphs; why don’t you crack the code? You’re not ready yet. Ancient cities, we left you all the clues. It’s not so easy without the pineal gland. Hidden from the truth, trying to protect the royal bloodline. Technology hidden within diseases…the needs of control of the human rats, so they can kill us all. They will arrive, because we send the bait. They are the gods that made you what you are, never forget. God’s amoung you insects, we’ve been abused enough, time to collect.” 

  • “Bug in the net” is another Hypocrisy ballad. A very atmospheric feel to the music carries perfectly the message. With the lowest register vocals, an historical report is retold. 

“In 1961, at 10PM…a bright light in the sky. But a mile north of Lincoln, a light descends in front of them. Like a bug in the net, they snatch your souls. It takes a blink of an eye to control your thoughts. 35 miles down the road, two hours of missing time. No memories of what has occurred. Just a terrifying feeling that something is wrong. Their clothes were torn apart, scars appear on their broken bodies, nightmares that are horrifying, it starts to reveal itself.”

  • “Gods of the Underground” is very melodic, then shifts to a wicked riff driven track. Black Metal vocals are the style of delivery. 

“Evil porthole to the underworld. Illuminati and the alien world order. As we turn into zombies…I see you on my way to hell. Gods of the Underground control the surface of elite. Bloodline run through corrupted bodies, dictated by terror and by greed. Educational system, media under their control. To create a new race, part A.I. and part human. Don’t ever let them fool you. Riding high on their lies. I see you on my way to hell.” 

Worship contains nothing new or anything unexpected (IMO). You get the full force of Peter Tägtgren and Hypocrisy, and they deliver as expected. I really liked 2013s End of Disclosure, and the addition of this new album is an excellent one-two punch. The message, I think, that began in 2013 is fascinating and well explored and communicated on Worship, with less metaphors and more straightforward language.  

Rating: 9.5/10!! I think this record rates with the best Hypocrisy albums! 

Favorite Songs: Chemical Whore; We’re the Walking Dead; Bug in the Net. 

Stay Metal,


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