Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Dark Funeral — Let The Devil In SINGLE REVIEW

Hey, Butcher Crew!! It’s The Saw! And a cold wind is blowing through The Butcher Shop. It’s a new single, “Let the Devil in,” by Dark Funeral. The new single is from their upcoming new album, We Are the Apocalypse, to be released in March, 2022 (Century Media). The video for the new song is, of course, wickedly dark; with The Saw’s TWO THUMBS UP rating for its gore factor!

The Band

Dark Funeral formed in Stockholm, Sweden, during the second Black Metal wave, in 1993, by guitarists Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon. We Are the Apocalypse will be the band’s 7th full-length album. The previous six records are an exercise in band members rotating in and out of the lineup, but there are some interesting developments over the years that need highlighting.

You already know that The Saw is a history major. So, in Dark Funeral history, I find some fascinating twists and turns. Now, when the band formed, it was Mikael Svanberg (aka, “Lord Ahrima”) and David Parland (aka, “Blackmoon”) on guitars, Paul Makitalo (aka, “Themgoroth;” ex-Scum fame) on bass and vocals, and Joel Andersson (aka, “Draugen”) on drums.

Interesting fact #1. Dark Funeral’s first gig – at a pub in Oslo, Norway – was with (now) legendary, Gorgoroth, who were performing their own first live show. Both bands were playing with the infamous, Marduk, who were performing their first live show abroad.

Interesting fact #2. Dark Funeral’s debut album, The Secrets of the Black Arts, was recorded in 1995 by Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) at The Abyss Studio.

Interesting fact #3. Shortly after recording the debut album, Themgoroth left the band, and Magnus ‘Masse’ Broberg (aka, “Emperor Magus Caligula”) became the new vocalist. Emperor Magus Caligula was Hypocrisy’s original vocalist.

Interesting fact #4. In late 2010, after 15 years in the band, Emperor Magus Caligula left the band to get married. By the end of the year, founding guitarist, Lord Ahriman, and guitarist, Chaq Mol, were the only band members left of Dark Funeral.

Interesting fact #5. On December 16, 2014, Dark Funeral released a new single and video, “Nail Them to The Cross,” from their first album on Century Media, Where Shadows Forever Reign, released June 3, 2016. The song and video revealed a new vocalist, Heljarmadr (Gra, Domgard, Curse 13).

Dark Funeral, today, is:

Lord Ahriman – founding guitarist

Chaq Mol – rhythm guitarist

Heljarmadr – vocalist

Adra-Melek – bassist

Jalomaah – drummer

The Single and Video

Let the Devil In is a mid-tempo banger. From the beginning, the main riff, drums, and vocal patterns all give one a sense of “marching on” (as the lyrics exclaim in the track). Heljarmadr utilizes the spoken word a couple of times, which only strengthen the overwhelming sense of doom. We know that he has a wicked lower register via “Nail Them to The Cross,” but it is a Black Metal higher octave used in the single (with an occasional low scream). His vocals ARE gravelly, and very distinct. Good stuff! The riff is very melodic, layered with harmony. Excellent! And Jaomaah is very good behind the kit, mixing rolls and double base, seamlessly. Awesome!

The video for the single is a dark expression of Dark Funeral. Gore, a human heart full of nails (eaten by its beholder), and a lot of blood sign this as a MUST SEE! Horror Music! I love it!!

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