Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Necrophagous — In Chaos Ascend (2022) ALBUM REVIEW

What’s up, Butcher Crew?! It’s ya girl, The Saw. And I’ve got a New Album Review for you, from a new band – well, the band is new, but the members are not. If you know your Death Metal, then you’ll recognize the names and the bands from which they come.

The Band

Necrophagous is a brand-new Swedish Death Metal band (not to be confused with other bands that begin with “Necro…”) formed in 2020 from former members of Entrails and Visceral Bleeding. Tommy Carlsson (ex-Visceral Bleeding, ex-Entrails) brings his vicious gutterals and wicked guitar genius. Jocke Svensson (ex-Entrails) is the pummeling bassist. And Martin Michaelsson (ex-Entrails) utilizes his blended style of smooth footwork and blast beat clarity.

The Album

In Chaos Ascend was released on January 7, 2022 (Transcending Obscurity Records). The album is a available via streaming, but may be worth buying a hard-copy because of the genius marketing. CD and vinyl versions of the album come in a coffin shaped wooden box. Brilliant! These boxes are limited, so get on over to their bandcamp page and grab some!

So, the musical style of In Chaos Ascend is easily described and marked as Old School Death Metal. Different in style from the aforementioned bands, Necrophagous has brought to bear the traditions of Morbid Angel and Deicide. You can certainly hear their influences. Interestingly, however, they have combined modern/contemporary compositions and structures, giving In Chaos Ascend a very distinct sound. Again, the pattern, today, is a new twist on Old School Death Metal. You already know The Saw is a HUGE fan of Death Metal, and this new stream of Death Metal is exciting!

As a rule, each track on In Chaos Ascend driven by stringed melodies (fast tremolo picking) layered over Carlsson’s brutal, gravely, almost horse, gutterals. What is also the norm is the time-changes in the bridge and/or chorus of each song – the Old School breakdown – hooks and power chords, with a much deeper register from Carlsson. Great riffs are key on this record; grooves and power, a crushing combination!

There are a few exceptions to the rule (which establish the rule). A few songs have a quick tempo and blast beats leading into the harmony of groovy hooks and breakdowns. And there are many stop-start time signatures throughout the album, which really help accentuate the grooves.

Set in stone is the fact that this record is an awesome display of riffs, harmonies and melody. It is just a pleasure to listen to its mastery of song structure.  

In Chaos Ascend, by Necrophagous is an excellent offering from three guys who have been doing this a long time. And you can sense that experience, even packaged in a new sound. This album really puts me in the mind of Vltimas’, Something Wicked Marches In. I am a fan of these (so-called) super groups and the great music with which they’re pummeling fans!

Track Listing:

  1. The Binding
  2. Order of the Lion
  3. At Dawn Thee Immolate
  4. Traitors and Pendulum
  5. In Chaos, Ascend
  6. Wolf Mother
  7. Blood on the Stone of Thee Monuments
  8. The Vile Embalmed
  9. The Plague and Thee Arts
  10. Horns of Seven
  11. Wreaker of Pain

Rating: 8.5/10!! Great riffs, harmonies and melodies!

Favorite Songs: At Dawn Thee Immolate; The Plague and Thee Arts; Wreaker of Pain

Stay Metal,