Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Hath —All That Was Promised (2022) ALBUM REVIEW

What’s happen’en, Butcher Crew?! It’s The Saw! And New Jersey’s sons, Hath, have released their 2nd full length album, All That Was Promised, on The Saw’s birthday, March 4, 2022 (Willowtip Records). Happy Birthday to me! Categorized as Death Metal, Hath is a very technical, Progressive Blackened Death Metal band. The new record is extremely brutal! And, ironically, The Saw would rate Hath (and All That Was Promised)as the Pink Floyd of Death Metal!

All That Was Promised is a different kind of Death Metal. VERY brutal, and extremely intense; with an atmospheric sense, overall, that takes the listener on a journey through outer darkness. Hence, my Pink Floyd reference speaks to the ride on which Hath takes you. Where, with Pink Floyd, the vehicle is hallucinogens, with Hath it is the product of your brain-bruise! All That Was Promised has so much going on (all beautifully mixed), it seems as though you are “tripping.” But your trip is all natural, from a concussion, and organic.

The new record is very atmospheric – filling the breathable space with soaring harmonies and melodies (fast tremolo picking of Black Metal) – but, suddenly, very crunchy, with crushing riffs (power chords of Death Metal) and blinding drum rolls and double-bass. At the same time, “the trip” is occurring, induced by the stillness of (almost) jazz-like interludes and dark matter suspension. The vocals are blackened sometimes, often times deep register gutterals, but always delivered with force and severity; even in the cleans on “Casting of The Self.” This is an incredibly intense album.

Track Listing:

  1. The Million Violations
  2. Kenosis
  3. Lithopaedic
  4. Iosis
  5. Decollation
  6. Death Complex
  7. Casting of The Self
  8. All That Was Promised
  9. Name Them Yet Build No Monument

Rating: 10/10!! A very intense record! It plays like a concept album, without conceptualizing the tracks.

Favorite Songs: Lithopaedic, Iosis, Death Complex

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