Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Arch Enemy — In the Eye of the Storm (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Here I am again, Butcher Crew; The Saw! And did you know that Arch Enemy are streaming a new video on their YouTube channel? “In the Eye of the Storm” is trademark, patented Arch Enemy Melodic Death Metal. And it’s awesome!

With a wicked opening, “In the Eye of the Storm” rides on a nasty riff and heavy groove. As usual, the riff is woven under catchy melodic overtures played by the (literal) Supergroup. White-Gluz’s vocals are nearly entirely gutteral, though with more rasp and scream than rumble, with a brief (cleans) Spoken Word interlude that fits well into the overall sense and feel of the song. Of course, the track has excellent sparring guitar solos, building into an off-the-hook Arch Enemy statement.

Arch Enemy’s 11th studio album, Deceivers, is (now) set to drop on August 12 via Century Media Records. You know, ya Girl, The Saw has maintained the belief that, once Arch Enemy set the creative flow of Jeff Loomis (guitars) free, his influence would catapult the band into the next level. Deceivers will be our first test of that opinion. I think the caliber of all the singles released from the new album already prove my point!

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Stay Metal,