Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: The Great Heathen Army — Amon Amarth (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! It’s me! The Saw! I’m passing through to make sure you know a couple things about the KINGS of Viking Metal, Amon Amarth. They’re getting a lot of press attention with the announcement of a new full-length album, a brand-new single (and video) from that new album, and huge concert news concerning Amon Amarth (and several huge bands touring with them).

The New Full-Length

Amon Amarth are releasing their 12th studio album, The Great Heathen Army, on August 5 via Metal Blade Records. As of right now, two singles have been released ahead of the new record – “Put Your Back into the Oar” was a stand-alone single and NOT on the new album. “Get in the Ring” was the first single (and video) dropped a few weeks ago.

The New Single and Video

The title track for the new album, “The Great Heathen Army,” fell on us with a great thud. The video is directed by Pavel Trebukhin and was shot in Riga, Latvia. The track has a crushing riff throughout, with something new from the band during the bridge; well timed and very fitting. The lyrics tell the story of the year 865. The first part of the song is from the perspective of the Saxons, while the next section is told from the point-of-view of Vikings (the Sons of Ragnar). This song is a BOP!

The New Tour

The Great Heathen Tour lands on the shores of North America in November of 2022. Amon Amarth are bringing with them on this quest… Are you ready?! Carcass, Obituary, and Cattle Decapitation. This is an incredible Death Metal line-up, and is sure to be an awesome show! Your girl, The Saw, will be in Charlotte, NC (at the Fillmore) on November 20 for the beatings! Will you be there?!

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