Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Ozzy Osbourne — Degradation Rules (feat. Toni Iommi) SINGLE REVIEW 2022

Butcher Crew? We have another OZZY single available! Ya girl, The Saw has dropped in, once again, to make sure you know that, “Degradation Rules” has dropped for our listening pleasure. The single features the legend himself, Tony Iommi, on guitar and is the second single from OZZY’s forthcoming 13th solo album, Patient Number 9, due in on September 9, 2022 (Epic).

“Degradation Rules” is a banger! It’s a throw back (of sorts)  to the good ole Black Sabbath days between OZZY and Iommi. A killer riff drives this beast throughout, which is no surprise considering the source. Let me be more succinct – this riff, in and of itself, is a big fat hook! The track not only features Iommi but also, for you old-school Sabbath fans, harmonics from Ozzy. The rhythm section is more than solid, here, too. And Iommi gives the song a patented guitar solo to top it off!

Now, so that we’re all on the same page: “Degradation Rules” is a song concerning masturbation (LOL), which is why I’ve used some subtle innuendos in this review (go back and look again!). “Affixation… Masturbation… Degradation Rules… Beating on your jewels!” This content notwithstanding, this new album promises to be some of the best OZZY we’ve heard!

Stay Metal,