Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Lorna Shore — Pain Remains 2022 (ALBUM REVIEW)

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! An album ya girl has been waiting for dropped on October 14, 2022 – Lorna Shore’s, Pain Remains (Century Media). As you know, The Saw is a categorical thinker. But today, post-pandemic, Extreme Metal is becoming increasingly difficult to pigeonhole; artists are blurring the lines between genres and subgenres. And Pain Remains is no exception. The pushing of boundaries allows bands to really be creative, and Lorna Shore has pushed Deathcore over the top!

The Saw has listened to Lorna Shore for years. Now, with four LPs and four EPs, almost an entirely new line-up, and the addition of Will Ramos (vocals), Lorna Shore is pushing the boundaries into unchartered territory; off the map, pioneers of a new sound. Pain Remains is an incredible album! Deathcore at its center, the new record is also heavily Blackened – Black Metal vocal deliveries, drumming, atmospheric melodies, and synthesizers. Likewise, it also contains an undercurrent of Symphonic Power Metal.

This symphonic sense to the album carries all the way through, from start to finish. The guitarists (Adam De Micco and Andrew O’Connor) and new bass player (Michael Yager) seemingly work off the symphonic track for nearly every song – sometimes riff-based, often Blackened atmospheric, but always in a mathematical sense. Each of these three completely, and tastefully, nail their respective parts; whether blackened melodies, crushing Deathcore beat-downs, or soring, mesmerizing solos.

Austin Archey (drums) is incredible, and on Pain Remains, he steps it up to deliver a constant attack! Blast-beats, blinding double-bass, excellent drum and symbol combinations; but, also, smooth transitions, all combine to really provide a firm and steady foundation for this record. His drumming is NOT overpowering, though. It fits perfectly into the narrative; a solid underpinning, working in conjunction with the guitars, bass, and symphonic track.

It is Will Ramos who is the over-arching talent on this album. With multiple forms of delivery – deep register gutterals, cleans, screeching screams and piercing pig-squeals, and everything in between! The musicians in Lorna Shore are very talented and among the top ranks of the metal world, and they have to be, to be in league with Ramos! His vast range has been talked about for a few years (the camera down the throat, and all), but nothing can prepare you for his performance on Pain Remains. Vocals utilized as another instrument are on a whole new level, here. All of it exactly where it needs to be!

Pain Remains is an Epic (of sorts), telling a story that is chaptered and divided into songs, that takes just over an hour to tell. “Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer” begins the narrative, and is a seven-minute attack of the senses in every way. From there one can see the pattern surface – “Into the Earth” takes the story’s hero into sub-conscience and unconscious existence. “Sun//Eater” is his experience in this strange world. “Cursed to Die” is a dramatic telling of this life. “Soulless Existence” is a Blackened expression of a new reality. “Apotheosis” is Greek for ‘the highest development of a thing’. Our hero has reached the apex of his journey. The steeply Blackened, “Wrath” is the necessary result of his discovery, which is told in the three-part, nine-minute finale: “Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames; Pain Remains II: After All I’ve done, I’ll Disappear; Pain Remains III: In a Sea of Fire.”

Pain Remains is an incredibly dramatic composition! Its drama unfolds in some of the heaviest, and most creatively bombastic music today! It’s beautiful! In an era where many bands have evolved, pushing envelopes to include a more mainstream sound, Lorna Shore has broken through the glass ceiling of Extreme Metal; by the heaviest means possible, they are breaking new ground, on their own terms, and will reap the rewards of their efforts.

Rating: 10/10!! Just an incredible album! Something not to simply hear, but experience.

Favorite Songs: Sun//Eater, Soulless Existence, Apotheosis

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