Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Death to All 2023 North America Tour (SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT)

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! There is a tribute band (that is not Pantera), who have just announced a North American Tour, which you need to see. Ya Girl, The Saw, loves Death – Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) was a genius – but I never got to see them live. Death to All is the next best thing! First, they are a tribute band, celebrating Chuck’s life and music, and playing many of the classic Death songs. And secondly, they are a “Super Group,” with members who are some of the biggest names in Metal!

Death to All is a Death tribute band that is also a Super Group. Gene Hoglan (ex-Testament, Dethklok), also known as, “The Atomic Clock,” is one of the premier drummers in Metal, who has played with many of our favorite bands (Death, Dark Angel, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, and more!). Steve Digiorgio (Testament) played bass on Death’s Human and Individual Thought Patterns records, as well as dozens of other Metal favorites (Sadus, Iced Earth, Obscura, Autopsy, Obituary, and many more!), and was also the studio bassist on Megadeth’s 2022 release. Bobby Koelble played guitar with Death (1994-96), during the Symbolic album. And singer/guitarist Max Phelps (ex-Cynic, Exist, We Are In Transit) can sing and play very-much in the spirit of Chuck. 

Death to All are headlining a North American Tour with support from Suffocation. Now, Ya Girl’s last opportunity to see Suffocation was during my senior year of high school! They were in town the same night as prom, and my parents suggested that prom was once and I’d have other chances to see Suffocation. Well, I should have gone to see Suffocation! Bygones… I won’t miss them this time! The tour also features Nukem. I’m excited to see this show! 

The tour is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Individual Thought Patterns and promises to feature many other Death classics. Ya Girl will be there when they stop in NC – Greensboro’s Hangar 1819, on March 21 (The Mechanics birthday, BTW!). Will you be there? Catch this show in a city near you!

Stay Metal,