Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Screaming Suicide — Metallica (SINGLE REVIEW)

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Butcher Crew, Ya Girl wanted to make sure you knew about another brand new single that Metallica dropped on January 20 (2023). “Screaming Suicide” is the second single (following “Lux Aeterna”) from their upcoming new album, 72 Seasons (Blackened Recordings), due out on April 14. This track features the very subject that we’re not supposed to acknowledge.

So, listening to the new single, you can tell its Metallica, but with a somewhat unfamiliar sound. Even Hetfield’s vocal tone is different for the band. In the middle of the song, though, the melody has a familiar Metallica feel. It’s a mid-paced main riff with a couple Hammett solos. Perhaps, one of the most familiar things about “Screaming Suicide” is Ulrich’s time-keeping; his distinct style is hard to mistake. But there is another thing that is probably familiar, and that is the subject matter of the lyrics.

Metallica’s statement on “Screaming Suicide” is clear: “[the track] addresses the taboo word of suicide.” Hetfield says that, “The intention is to communicate about the darkness we feel inside. It’s ridiculous to think we should deny that we have these thoughts. At one point or another, I believe that most people have thought about it. To face it is to speak the unspoken. If it’s a human experience, we should be able to talk about it. You are not alone.” 

Metallica have also released a music video for “Screaming Suicide,” which features worldwide suicide prevention agencies in the YouTube caption.

The lyrical content to the new single speaks powerfully to the subject. Here are some excerpts from “Screaming Suicide”:

“Welcome to this life, born into the fight. Here to claim your dream.

Then my voice appears, teaching you of fears. Are you good enough?

You don’t recognize, head is full of lies. You should just give up.

Don’t ever speak my name. Remember you’re to blame. Keep me inside, my name is suicide.”

“Curse another day. Spirit locked away. Punish and deprive. 

Hate to be awake. Living a mistake. More dead than alive.”

“Then a voice appears, whisper in your ears. ‘You are good enough’.

Throwing down a rope. A lifeline of hope. Never give you up.”

“And now you speak my name. You’ve given back the blame.

Now that I’m exposed inside, shined a light on cyanide.

I’m no longer needed here. Now you’ve faced your biggest fear.”

“Screaming Suicide” is a striking track, lyrically, and I think it’s a powerful tool to combat an all-too familiar fight for many. Great job Metallica!

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