Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Metallica — Lux Æterna (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop. It’s The Saw, and I’m here to make sure you are aware that THE KINGS of Metal, Metallica (it’s in the name!), have released a new single, announced a new album, and have set dates for a massive World Tour! It has been over six years since Hardwired… dropped, and the band have toured for years supporting that album. Now, Metallica are getting ready to devastate city after city with an innovative concert experience idea in support of a new album!

In 2021, Metallica marked their 40th anniversary, and there are no signs of slowing down! While there are many bands that have influenced and directed the flow of Heavy Metal music of all genres, over the years, it can be argued that Metallica hold the title of KINGS because of their no compromise Metal Militia approach to the music, the scene, and the powers-that-be. The band’s first four albums are a lesson in crushing Thrash Metal, with …And Justice for All pushing those genre boundaries to their limits. The (so called) Black Album shifted tracks for Metallica – less about Thrash; with shorter, heavier, meaty songs – and established world domination for Heavy Metal as a whole. And though a controversial subject for many, the studio releases that followed have ensured that Metallica forever maintain that top seed.

72 Seasons

Now, in late 2022, Metallica have announced a new album, 72 Seasons, due to be released on April 14, 2023. James Hetfield (vocals, guitars) says that the title has to do with the different “seasons of life” that we each experience over our lifetimes. His main premise is that, for the most fundamental years, our parents mold us and shape our characteristics and personality. Then, we spend the rest of our lives dealing with that shape – whether its true to who we are or not. “We can be prisoners of our childhood” (in many cases), “or we can break free.” Hetfield says that 72 Seasons is 12 songs that explore this thought process. 

“Lux Aeterna”

So, the lead single from the new album is “Lux Aeterna.” The title is Latin (so you know Ya Girl has it covered!) and means, “eternal light.” In the Roman Catholic tradition, it is a means to honoring the dead. A key lyric in the new song gives you an idea of the thought, here: “Cast out the demons that strangle your life.” The track has a fast-tempo, 80s flared, feel with Lars Ulrich’s double-bass kicks (almost) all the way through. A single riff drives the song, with time changes at the bridge and chorus. Hetfield delivers the lyrics with a familiar cadence and style. Kirk Hammett has a classic, ripping solo, and Robert Trujillo (bass) is like a solid rock holding-up the bottom-end. It’s a rager!


And, the world tour spans two years, with an innovative idea concerning the Concert Experience. Ya Girl has seen Metallica a couple times, and they really know how to put on a show! With their massive, so well known catalogue, the personalities of the band members, and sheer talent and Metal abilities, the live Metallica experience is unforgettable. 

The 2023-24 “M72” World Tour consists of two nights in each of the cities on the tour. The band has attempted to make all these weekend shows (but a few are not), and each of the two nights features a different set-list and differing supporting bands. Support for Metallica’s M72 World Tour will come from Pantera, Mammoth WVH, Five Finger Death Punch, Ice Nine Kills, and Greta Van Fleet. Support combinations depend on the city for the American shows. The idea is an entire weekend built around the live Metallica experience, with social events occurring between the two shows, spanning several days. Be sure to visit for all the info, and a list of tour dates and cities. 

Stay Metal,