Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: 10 Beatings for Your Ear-Holes (SINGLE REVIEWS)

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! It’s Ya Girl, The Saw, and I have ten (10) new songs I want to talk about today. Two of them are new singles from two of the new school death metal bands on the scene, two are new singles from a progressive Death/Black Metal band, one is a new single from an iconic Black Metal band, one is a new single that comes from an old school Thrash band, and four (a new EP) are from the Hardcore scene!

Frozen Soul

Up first, is another New Single from Frozen Soul. “Arsenal of War” is the second single from their upcoming new album, Glacial Domination, due to be released on May 19, 2023 (Century Media). It’s the opening track on the album, so you know it’s got the chops to hook and drag you in! A wicked main riff, multiple speed and timing changes; that trademark Frozen Soul groove, and nasty gutterals are on display. Of course, this song is awesome! I expect nothing less from these kings!

Creeping Death

Creeping Death have dropped a New Single from their upcoming new album, Boundless Domain, due out on June 16, 2023 (MNRK Records). “Intestinal Wrap” has a slight evolution in sound for this great band. The vocals have a much more death metal delivery when compared to previous albums. And this song features the voice (and neck) of Death Metal in general, Corpsegrinder! “Intestinal Wrap” is a banger – a main riff with a mid-paced tempo, change-ups in drum timing make this song bounce. Very smooth double-bass layered under a screaming guitar solo is topped-off by a nasty slam at the 2:50 mark. This song slaps! And, once again, I expect nothing less from the king crawlers, Creeping Death!


Voidceremony actually have two New Singles out now. “Writhering in the Façade of Time,” dropped not too long ago and, “Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed” just hit recently. Both songs are from the band’s sophomore full-length, upcoming new album, Threads of Unknowing, due on April 14, 2023 (20 Buck Spin). These guys formed in Ramona, CA in 2013. Categorized as Progressive Death/Black Metal, Voidceremony has a very distinct sound, while also sounding very familiar. The vocals on both of these singles remind me very much of Dolan from Immolation. And the music also rings of Immolation, but much more progressive, and all over the place. Add to that a fusion of jazz – mostly because of excellent bass playing – and (somehow) an almost psychedelic feel! Its NOT boring! These new singles are sprawling in execution but gritty in production!


Immortal have released, “War Against All,” the first single, and Title Track, from their upcoming new album due to drop on May 26, 2023 (Nuclear Blast). It is a blistering banger; high tempo, and vicious! Without a break (or breakdown), this song just simply runs you over with classic Black Metal riffs and Blackened vocals. It is shot out of a cannon on blast-beats, is fueled by double bass, and finishes at breakneck speed with nothing but guitar solo chaos and tremolo destruction in the end.

Metal Church

Old School Thrash Metal icons, Metal Church, released a New Single on March 24, 2023 (Rat Pack Records). “Pick a God and Prey” (notice the spelling) is not far removed from exactly what you’d expect from these legends. The song comes off their upcoming 13th album, Congregation of Annihilation, due out on May 26, 2023. In classic Thrash style, a driving riff steers this song, while soaring (sometimes screeching) vocals carry it through. This is the first song (and album) from Metal Church since the death of the legendary Mike Howe (vocals) in 2021. Marc Lopes (Let Us Prey) is the new vocalist and, according to this new track, is doing a great job. If this new song is any indication, it sounds like Metal Church are returning to their roots, with the reality of modern Metal. I’m excited to hear this new record!

XweaponX x World of Pleasure

And, finally, on March 13, 2023, XweaponX and World of Pleasure dropped a new EP, Weapon of Pleasure (Daze). This record is a banger! You already know Ya Girl loves Hardcore beatdowns, breakdowns, and slam riffs! And these four songs deliver on that love! Both of these bands are straightedge, and they have dropped their brand of pissed-off Metal on us in this new split EP. If you don’t know, XweaponX features Bryan Garris (Knocked Loose) on bass, Isaac Hale (knocked Loose), and members from Harms Way and Two Witnesses. “Paid in Blood” and “Domination III” (a tribute to World of Pleasure’s, “Domination I and II”) are XweaponX’s contribution to the record. While “World War X” and “Uzis Akimbo” come from World of Pleasure. They are joined by members of Serration, Punitive Damage, and Juice for their offering. Jess Nyx has a crisp bark, here (she also joins in on “Domination III”), and Metallic riffs and gang vocals are the name of the game! Just a great EP!

Stay Metal,