Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Scourge of the Offspring — Cattle Decapitation (2023) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Ya Girl, The Saw, is passing through – tightening restraints, and tightening screws – and I wanted to make sure you are aware of another new single drop from the deathgrind legends, Cattle Decapitation. “Scourge of the Offspring” is the second single from the band’s upcoming new album, Terrasite (Metal Blade). And it is a bruiser!

You already know the pounding that Cattle Decapitation can level. Their entire discography is a sad discourse on the band’s interpretation of humanity and it’s relationship with the planet. 2019s, Death Atlas, was an incredible, perfectly executed album concerning the end of life as we know it. On May 12, 2023 the saga continues as Terrasite promises to be just as dark and disturbing as the band’s previous album. As we’ve discussed, the leading single, “We Eat Our Young” exemplified the direction Cattle Decapitation is going on this new record, and “Scourge of the Offspring” delivers more new and disturbing horrors. I love it!

Musically, “Scourge of the Offspring” is a severe beating, handed-out in typical Cattle Decapitation style. A circular, swirling, opening riff gives way to a crushing, drum-induced attack. Dizzying double-bass and odd tempo snare and symbol hits lead this track, while the riff drives the listener into hysteria. A trademark time change lifts the song to a dramatic, cinematic feel, only to bury you under the smothering weight of the crushing main riff, once again. In and out of consciousness we go, until the abrupt end. What a wicked track!

Lyrically, “Scourge of the Offspring” is (of course) angry, and very sad. Ryan describes a bleak outlook concerning what has become of humanity. With his incredible style, timing, and delivery techniques, he rumbles, gutterals, screams, screeches, and harmonizes the melodious horror story in and around the musical discourse. A sample of the lyrics gives an indication of where we are in the narrative:

  • “Hell has wrought upon this earth, from the desires of the patriarch. To carry thine name unto the dawn, a hapless spawn to go on and on and on.”
  • “A swift and deadly virus has once again emerged, blessed upon humankind to control the surge. We are the scourge.”
  • “We are infections. We are pathogens. We are assassins. The gluttonous factions. Curve never flattens. When the pollution fattens.”
  • “We came to destroy. We’re alive to cause abject suffering… Live to feast upon everything. Feed to dilapidate our surroundings… Now thriving terrasites… Now as a parasite humanity persists.”

Check out the video for “Scourge of the Offspring.”

Cattle Decapitation is an extremely talented band – very heavy; melodic, yet crushing; and the vocals are haunting, at the same time that they are gravely and vicious. With incredible speed one moment, and sweeping melody the next. They have perfected their sound (and message), and Terrasite assures the band’s point-of-view.

Cattle Decapitation will be on the road this May and June, in direct support of Dark Funeral, on the Decibel Magazine North American Tour 2023. 200 Stab Wounds and Black Braid will be their, too! You don’t want to miss this, Butcher Crew!

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