Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Corpsegrinder — On Wings of Carnage (2022) SINGLE REVIEW

What’s up, Butcher Crew?! I’ve got another Single Review of a track released by Corpsegrinder, off of his forthcoming debut solo album. On the heels of “Acid Vat,” released at the end of December 2021, comes “On Wings of Carnage.” The Saw has treated Corpsegrinder (the band, and the man) with a Heavy Breakdown, previously; so, I’m going to drop this one like a big heavy thing. You’re welcome!

“On Wings of Carnage” is a sludgy banger! I would call it progressive-less, and in this instance, that is a good thing. The mid-tempo groove, layered with smooth double-bass, is a constant throughout the track. Just like “Acid Vat,” the hooks are very catchy. Unlike “Acid Vat,” “On Wings of Carnage” slowly pummels the listener into submission. This is a sneaky song! Not because there’s any surprises or tempo changes – it’s straightforward old school, dark Thrash/Death Metal – but because Corpsegrinder is giving commentary, in his patented vocal style, on how he is handing-out beatings on a global level. With violent imagery, I think Corpsegrinder is giving account of his own master plan – world domination through the brutality of Extreme music. He is telling a story of his own haunting worldview.

Sample Lyrics:

“Searching, striking, slashing through… ripping, slashing, savage blows… bring the world to its knees.”

“On wings of carnage taken back through time… reaching violent heights, my reign will be one for the ages.”

“In a violent blaze, the scorcher continues… the grave that I will send you to.”

Be sure to check out “On Wings of Carnage” and “Acid Vat,” the first two singles from Corpsegrinder, due to be released on February 25, 2022.  

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