Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Corpsegrinder — Corpsegrinder (2022) ALBUM REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop. I have come to deliver a New Album Review. We have already dissected the two singles for this album (On Wings of Carnage and Acid Vat), and a Heavy Breakdown of The Man. Corpsegrinder dropped on February 25, 2022 (Perseverance). In the interest of full disclosure (and as I’m sure you already know), I am a HUGE George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher fan, and Cannibal Corpse is one of my favorite bands! But this is no Cannibal Corpse record. Yet, a persistently consistent icon – not just in the metal community, but globally – has applied his vocal skills to this record, and it’s awesome!

Corpsegrinder has the brothers, Nick and Charlie Bellmore (Dee Snider, ex-Toxic Holocaust) on guitars and drums. Remember that Dee Snider has also worked with the king of Hardcore, Jamey Jasta, on his last two records. It would seem that Jasta, after working with an icon of Metal like Dee Snider, decided to collaborate with the most recognizable voice (and neck; and windmill) in Death Metal. What results is Jasta’s tireless precision in production. There are NO clean vocals, here! Just a thug beat-down by Corpsegrinder and some excellent work of art by the brothers Bellmore!

No doubt about it, Corpsegrinder is a Death Metal record. With a trademark vocal attack – gutteral hollering, screams, and pure lyrical brutality – the music is free to move around the genre sampling from all influences; not bound by arbitrary rules of a set genre. Fisher, even, seems to have cranked-up the intensity (if you can imagine) on his solo debut. Lyrically, the message is less about gore and more-so about a vicious verbal attack describing (for 10 songs) the beat-down and punishment that Corpsegrinder is (personally) handing out, universally, without prejudice. The musical aspect of the new record, simply, has closed the gap between Death Metal and its major contributing influence, thrash; resulting in a no-nonsense, in your face with fury, beating that is laced heavily with Hardcore grooves.

Weighing in at just over 31 minutes, the 10 songs on Corpsegrinder throw such a beating that you just play the record on repeat saying, “Thank you. May I have another?” This album is in no way technical (like Cannibal Corpse), but is straight-up skull crushing crunch with groovy hooks that (literally) cut your legs out from under you. With your head cracked and your legs gone, it’s a good thing that you have the album on repeat!

Song List:

  1. Acid Vat (featuring Erik Rutan)
  2. Bottom Dweller
  3. On Wings of Carnage
  4. All Souls Get Torn
  5. Death is the Only Key
  6. Crimson Proof
  7. Devourer of Souls
  8. Defined by Your Demise
  9. Master of the Longest Night
  10. Vaguely Human

Rating: 10/10!! Come on! It’s Corpsegrinder!

Favorite Tracks: Acid Vat; Bottom Dweller; Death is the Only Key; Master of the Longest Night

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