Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: Immolation —The Age of No Light (2022) SINGLE REIVEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! You know who I am (*hint: The Saw). And Immolation have gifted us with another single from their upcoming new album, Acts of God (Nuclear Blast), due to drop in February 2022. I have covered Immolation, their history, and their first single, “Apostle;” so, we’ll move right along into the new single, “The Age of No Light.”

The track opens with Immolation’s trademark – fast tremolo picking, with an atmospheric riff layered within, and blast beats with double bass. Dolan’s (bass, vocals) gutterals, as usual, drop like a ton of bricks. I really like his old school style! Quick tempos are intermittent with half-tempo time changes, with very smooth transitions back and forth. This is patented Immolation!

Rolling Stone describes Immolation as “Pitch-Black Death Metal.” There is definitely a “Blackened” aspect to Immolation’s sound. You can hear a bend toward Black Metal in their riffs (the newest single even has a deathcore aspect in the soaring guitar solo layered over manic drum work and a haunting rhythm). But perhaps the “Pitch-Black[ness]” is in reference to a 30+ year characteristic of Immolation –these guys are very dark. Their music is always haunting and their lyrics always cast a depressing image of chaos, carnage, and post-apocalyptic horrors. I love it!

As I mentioned in the review of “Apostle,” while other bands evolve and change their sound, Immolation has consistently churned-out their distinct brand of Death Metal for decades. Let me be more succinct: Many bands (of all genres) have vertically evolved into something else. Immolation have made a subtle horizontal evolutionary move, not to a new sound, but into a perfecting of it. In “The Age of No Light” you hear a beautiful mastery of a craft – old school Death Metal perfected by modern technology. But, come on! It’s still Immolation! And while they are very smooth, there is no polish. And no one has smoothed out the rough edges!

Check out the video for “The Age of No Light” and abuse the new song until we get the full LP, Acts of God in less than a month! I am excited!!

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