Scrawl from The Saw’s Butcher Shop: She Is a Fire — Cradle of Filth (2023) SINGLE REVIEW

Welcome to The Saw’s Butcher Shop! Your Master Butcher is enthralled with a new song that just dropped, from a new album due out in April. Cradle of Filth just released a new single, “She is a Fire,” from the upcoming album, Trouble and Their Double Lives (Napalm Records) due on April 28, 2023. This is a great new song from an incredibly imaginative and talented band! Dani Filth is brilliant!

If you’re not familiar with Cradle of Filth, where have you been?! Ya Girl reviewed their previous album, Existence is Futile, back in 2021. The infamous band (and controversial founder/frontman), as I mentioned in the review, are hard to categorize. I catalogue the band as Black Metal, but I also note that the sub-genre is under enormous stress because of the categorization. And the new song, “She is a fire” brings more pressure to the subject.

The new single is very melodic. In fact, the opening melody, and subsequent guitar solos, remind me of Arch Enemy. That is, of course, until Dani Filth makes his vocal appearance. His vocal delivery is very distinct, and his trademark screech is like no other. I love it! Listening to him sing reminds me of watching A Nightmare Before Christmas. I love it even more!

Cradle of Filth, as a band, as the new single shows, are awesome! Great guitar work, excellent drumming and on-point bass playing, and the added layer of keyboards (in the Black Metal, but also classical sense) really make their music tight, and beautiful. And again, with Dani Filth’s vocal delivery and vision, Cradle of Filth are at the top of the Extreme Metal heap!

The new album, Trouble and Their Double Lives,is a live recording of Cradle of Filth with two new songs added to the album. I hope they drop the other new song as a single, too! As you know, I have mixed feelings about live albums, but I think this one will be helpful; especially for new listeners of Cradle of Filth. The present members make this (probably) the best version of Filth in it’s history. Also, the band has evolved – from more Black Metal, to Symphonic, to a far more eclectic sound – So, to hear classics with pristine production and performance, along with newer songs will be a good survey of the band.

Cradle of Filth are on tour in the United States this year. The first half of the tour has been announced; with mostly west and mid-western dates. Rumor has it that later this year the tour will continue in the east, and I hope a date will be close enough for Ya Girl to catch a show! I will travel to see Cradle of Filth!

Check out the video for “She is a Fire,” too! What a great song!

Stay Metal,